Friday, September 26, 2008

Fuck You Friday!

Thursday night was fairly boring at work. We had a couple short lived periods where we had lots of customers all at once. We had two rushes like that and short lived they were. Also, they were early on in the night. I did a lot of cleaning, as usual and tried to keep busy. Actually, the people on the shift before me had not stocked ANYTHING. I was almost out of everything I needed and had to do a lot of stocking and clean up the mess they left. Which wasn't so bad because it passed the first hour and a half of work really quickly. After that, meh. Boringville.

I spent my lunch break on the phone with Boyfriend while I chomped away on a salad. Lettuce, carrots, croutons, yummy salsa chicken and light ranch dressing. It would have had onions and tomatoes but eww. I hate onions. The only way I eat raw tomatoes is when eating salsa but otherwise, I hate raw tomatoes. I always ask Boyfriend if it bugs him listening to me eat but he says he doesn't care. I always move the phone away from my mouth while I'm chewing anyway. :D Speaking of Boyfriend, go here to read his most recent post. The first paragraph is about me. You can see that he misses me just as much as I miss him. In all honesty, I think he misses me more. Either way, the paragraph made me smile and feel sad at the same time. Just wait though, once he has me back my crazy hyper rushes and freezing feet pushed purposely against his warm body will be driving him nuts again in no time at all. ;)

Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment on yesterday's HNT post.

Have I mentioned yet how HAPPY I am that hockey season is back upon us again? I know I have already but I'm just reiterating the point so that y'all can really get my excitement over this. <3 Lol.

Now, since it's Friday, y'all know what's next? Don't ya? Well, maybe not. I'm sure someone knows what's coming though. C'mon, anyone?




Seriously y'all?

Oh ok, you with the black shirt on, you know what's up. ;)

Okay, it's time for Fuck You Friday! My bitch today?

I HATE when people say one thing when they really mean something else. Then when you assume they told you the truth, they get pissed off at YOU because you didn't guess that they really meant something else. Say what you fucking mean!

I also HATE when you offer to do something for someone and they turn you down, thakn you for your offer and insist that they would just rather do it. Then when you let them go on about doing it, they're mad because you didn't help or do it for them. Instead of saying you'll handle something yourself when really, you want the person offering to do it to really do it, let them do it! Don't insist on handling it and then get pissed because they, surprise, let you handle it on your own! Like you insisted that you wanted to do. Worse is when they then make a big deal out of doing it even though they first made a big deal out of not wanting anyone else to do it.

Most people are not psychic nor are they any kind of mind reader. So, say what you mean and if you insist on your word games then get pissed off at your own fucking self from now on. :)

That's all for me today.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Jormengrund said...


You know, this is the reason I got rid of my first wife.

I don't pretend to know what you're thinking, and if you're going to get pissy with me because I can't tell what you think I should be hearing from the voices in your head, then you really need to be out on the curb.

Great post, and have a great weekend!

fairyflutters said...

LOL, funny post. I so remember waitressing and all that damn side work. The worst was cleaning up the carpet under the tables. No idea why they put carpet in restaurants but ick! Well, this was many moons ago.

And how did you know I'm wearing a black shirt? LOL!

Southern Sage said...

amen about your fuck yous!
I hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me I can not read your fucking mind, I asked twice!!

Bride- I thought you knew?!?!?!



have a groovy weekend

Another Suburban Mom said...

I hate when people refuse help and then mope around with the martyr sigh.

It makes me want to put one of my shoes up their butt, however, not one of my nice shoes!

Have a good weekend!

mister M said...

bonne fin de semaine ;)

Baby said...

I read what B/F wrote - was soooooooooooo sweet-n-sad... You both sound so sweet-n-sad for each other... Loved your Fuck You Friday rant too.... :) Have a great weekend ....

Biscuit said...

Boyfriend sounds like the ultimate. Especially if he's willing to talk to you while you're eating. ;)

jGrrl said...

I am wearing a black shirt and I approve of this message.

phairhead said...

heh. i always use my BF has blanket for my cold feeties!

Rage said...

I too remember waitressing and it was always frustrating having to stock, especially when the shift before you didn't do their jobs. What a crapper. I also totally disliked having to roll silverware too.

Have a great weekend sexy!

Amorous Rocker said...

Exactly. ;)
Thank you!

I'm psychic! Lol. I figured someone out there had to have on a black shirt. It was a safe bet. ;)

Hahaha! =p
Thank you!

Exactly! Then they always do the "martyr sigh" over and over. Argh.

mister m:
Thank you! You have a good weekend also! :)

Thank you doll! Lol. :)

I know! Listening to people eat drives me nuts, I don't know how he isn't perturbed by it, lol. He's a sweetie. :)

I <3 you.

Haha! I get super cold feet and he's always incredibly warm. Poor boy. :)

I always hate when the previous shift slacks off and doesn't get their shit done. More for me! Then if I'm closing (which normally I do) and miss ONE FUCKING THING, I hear about it the next day! Oh grrr! Lol.
Thank you darlin! :)