Friday, September 5, 2008

Fuck You Friday/ Fuck Yeah Friday

I hate when people talk to other people about your business. Ya know? What I really hate is when the person talking is just making shit up because they're out of the loop and don't get told near as much as they used to be told. So they gather the details they can which happens to be precious little. Then they make their own things up, filling the blanks with whatever they think goes well based on the small amount of details they acquired. Shut up and talk about your own life. First you'll need to get a life but ya know, one thing at a time I guess.

Moving on... Busy weekend coming up. Mainly, just working a lot, lol. I do get off early tonight, thank you! I close Saturday and Sunday night which is why I'm off at 11 tonight instead of 2 AM. Whee. Also, today is payday! Yes! <3 I have $40 left in my checking account after getting all the things I needed to get taken care of. I've got around $250 in stuff that I need to pay with this check but that will still leave me with plenty to sit on until I get paid again. So yay. I'm on top again, which is rarely a bad thing in any context, haha. =) Fuck yeah! I love not being broke. I also love not having my entire check spent before I get it in my hands, lol. *Happy sigh*

Have a great weekend y'all! :o)


Anonymous said...

You look like Christine Ricci in this shot, omfg wow is all I can say... I love your pin, I have a spike :-) and a bunch of grrli crystals, I like my hardcore steel ones best though...

Another Suburban Mom said...

Glad you have some cash! I love the picture. jgrrl is spot on with Christina Ricci who is HOT!

Luka said...

Well done, you! I am always skint, with my pay being swallowed up by bills before I ever get a chance to spend it myself!

Have a good weekend.

Amorous Rocker said...

I wish. Christina Ricci is hot, lol. :) Thanks though, hehe. I have a few spikey ones. Those are my preferred barbells. I like the steel ones best too.

Me too! Lol. Thank you though I don't see any resemblance to Ricci in that picture.

Thank you! I hate that. You get a second to be happy you have money and then it's like whoops, there it all goes, lol. :)