Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coo Coo Ca Choo

I was watching "Across The Universe" tonight after I played Wednesday Weirdness. I'm not a fan of The Beatles at all save for three songs but I wanted to see the movie when it was in theaters but never made it. I don't always dig musical type movies either but this one looked interesting to me based on the story behind it and I wanted to see how they linked the songs to the plot of the story. Funnily enough, "Let It Be" is one of the three Beatles songs I really like but in the movie when they did this song, I really didn't care for the way it was done at all. It made sense and the song fit with the scene but I just didn't care for it at all. I did really enjoy the movie overall though and I'll probably go buy it now so I can delete it off the DVR.

Next I need to watch "American Gangster" again and see if I like it or not. Sometimes if I'm in the wrong frame of mind, I won't like a movie because I'm in a bad mood. If I'm pissed off, upset, moody, off in some way or something like that, I could watch a movie and hate it just because of my foul mood. That doesn't happen all of the time but sometimes it does so usually I end up watching the movie that happens with again when I'm in a better mood just to see if it was my mood or if the movie *really* did blow donkey balls. I'm thinking AG really did blow donkey balls since I watched it twice and still thought it wasn't so hot. Maybe the third time will be the charm. Or maybe it will still suck donkey balls. I, for some reason, really want to like that movie though. I dunno why. Sometimes movies grow on me too. Like, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but like The 40 Year Old Virgin. I hated that stupid movie the first time I watched it but a couple more times because friends or someone I was with had it on and the movie grew on me. I don't seek it out to watch it on my own but it doesn't make me cringe if someone turns it on now. :)

I was making fun of a friend of mine earlier Tuesday. We were discussing his weird eating habits. Like how he likes to put a spoonful of peanut butter in with various cereals when he's eating them. That way he can get a bite of cereal with milk and then spoon off a little peanut butter to go with it. Some cereals I can see that being possibly decent with. Cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops, honey nut chex, lucky charms and strawberry frosted flakes are not among those cereals it may be decent with. In my opinion. He was also making fun of me because I don't know what I'm missing because I refuse to dip Oreo cookies in cheese dip and eat them. I usually will try a lot of things with food but you know, there are some combinations that you just know you are not going to like. Every now and then you'll get surprised with one of those seemingly repulsive combinations being tasty but that just doesn't happen that often, lol.

I finished the FBI thriller I was reading. It was a really good book until the end. I was wondering through most of the book but near the last four to five chapters, I was suspecting many things and most of them were true. Then closer to the last chapter, the thing that I think was supposed to be a big shock was something I guessed the moment the two agents started the scene. Kind of disappointing when I can guess so much of the book. I'm not saying it was bad mind you because I still enjoyed reading it but meh, I like when I can't guess what's coming.

By the way.... Anaïs Satire, where did you go darlin'?

That's all I've got here for today.

Happy Wednesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I agree, I hate when I can figure out the end chapters before it happens.

Osbasso said...

That's just a darned cute picture of you!

phairhead said...

oreos and cheese? hmmmmm.... yup that's gross.

Rage said...

I was wondering where AS went too?

She just disappeared like a puff of smoke.

I love the picture of you btw! Cute as hell girl!

Southern Sage said...

damn I mailed and forgot to comment!!

love love love the pic!
you always take awesome pics.

Im thinking none of those food combos sounds very tasty to me!
and I'll eat pretty much anything, hell you don;t get a body like mine being a picky eater!

Amorous Rocker said...

It sucks! :)

Thank you!

Exactly. Ick.

I know! I thought I had the link wrong at first but nope.
Thanks babe!

Hehe. :)
Thank you!
Lol! You're body isn't in that bad of shape but man, none of that crap even sounds halfway appealing. I think my friend is just fucking weird. :D

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love that BLUE!!!!! Great pic!

BTExpress said...

Dissing my Beatles huh? I'm mad at that! ;-)

Guess your too young to appreciate real music. The crap today sucks.

Wait! My parents said that about the Beatles too. Guess what goes around comes around is really true. I wonder when bell bottoms will make a come back?