Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you feeling happy?

Yes, this is a picture of me first thing in the morning. No, it isn't good quality. Yes, I took it with my camera phone and it isn't very flattering. No, the room wasn't well lit. It was early folks. No, I don't have any make-up on and my hair isn't done. I just woke up people. Yes, this is what my boyfriend wakes up next to when we're in the same place to be waking up next to each other. Yes, I sleep with the blanket pulled up around me like that. This townhome stays cold even when the thermostat is set on a decent temperature. Also, I get cold easily. Yes, my multi-colored pillowcase rocks harder than your pillowcase. ;) That is also one of the most comfy pillows in the world and you cannot have it nor can you have the awesome pillowcase covering it. The only thing that would make this picture cooler would be if you get see the stuffed penguin I sleep with. Yes, I'm 23 years old and I sleep with a small stuffed animal of some sort in the bed with me when I'm sleeping alone. When I was a little kid, I rarely slept with anything with me.

I just noticed that my little blog here reached 50,000 hits over the weekend. Of course, that's for this one since I've changed homes a few times but hey, here's to 50,000 again. Thanks for all the visiting y'all do with me. Thanks for all the comments and e-mails. Everything. One of the things I love most about blogging is that you get to come in to contact with people you would not have ever known existed otherwise. Though I do love blogging just to have some place to write, rant and ramble any time day or night. To quote one of my favorite bloggers: "Even if no one ever left me a comment I'd still be here talking to myself." Lol. It's true.

I've had this song stuck in my head for the last couple days. I haven't heard this song in a long time. This song came out in 2005 I believe. I haven't heard it on the radio in a long damn time. Don't know why it's stuck in my head either. I was never a big fan of this band either. Meh. Who knows? ;)

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm a little weird. It's whatever. It's part of me being me. I do weird things. I say weird things. I have "out there" thoughts and ideas. I laugh at times that are inappropriate. I laugh at things that other people wouldn't laugh at and get stared at quizzically or glared at because the laughter wasn't inappropriate. Sometimes it's because I see a good side, the silver lining if you will, to a bad situation and it makes me chuckle. Sometimes it's because the situation at hand made me think of some inappropriate and I laugh out loud because hey, I amuse myself even when I amuse no one else. Sometimes it's because someone broke their foot which reminds me of the time that my friend broke his foot falling off the back of his jeep drunk and shit that guy did funny things when he was drunk like the time he filled water balloons with Kool-Aid and handed them out to hobos downtown and told them he was sorry because he didn't have any cups or straws for them.

So I laugh because I recall a memory quickly that was triggered by whatever just happened and it happens so quickly that people think I'm laughing at their misfortune. It usually isn't that. My train of thought goes really weird sometimes. Ask Boyfriend about that some time. I also process things really quickly and I'm already on to something else while everyone else is still on the task, action, problem, whatever at hand.

My point to this is that I love washing my face. I'm serious. I was going to start out by explaining that I function in a quirky little way internally. I was going to ask if anyone else loved washing their face. I just got sidetracked and well, now I'm back on course. Almost. Seriously though. I love washing my face. I got this new facial cleanser and it's awesome. I get excited by new products like this. I just can't wait to try them out and see what they do for me. If I'll like them or hate them. If I'll loathe them for having wasted money on them or if I'll want to kiss the bottle because it was worth every penny. Even when it costs 765 pennies for some crap to clean my face. I love when my face feels tingly after I use a cleanser though. I also love stuff that lathers up AND has little scrubby beads of some kind in them to exfoliate. I hate anything that feels thick and/or oily. Eww. So I found one with little scrubbers that lathers up. I'm cheap most of the time but I really can't be with any product that I'm going to use on my very sensitive skin. I call it "expensitive" skin because I require expensive shit so my sensitive skin doesn't freak out on me. I like to try and use cheap things where I can. Unless I want to itch like mad, look like a red spotted girl and have a burning sensation going on through out the day on the surface... I can't use the cheap crap if it's going to touch my skin. Anyway. I love the feeling of clean you get when you've got a good cleanser and it works well for you. I like the tingling of feeling it getting in there and getting rid of the junk that doesn't need to lurk around in and on your skin and pores. I like the fresh, clean feeling after you rinse everything away. Where your skin is clean and soft. Nice and smooth. You can just look at it and see a natural little healthy glow. It looks soft and it feels nice. I love it.

Yes, I really just wrote a paragraph about something so mundane and boring as washing ones face. You know those girls in the commercials who splash the foam away and just look so shit fucking happy that they just washed their face? That's me when I'm done. I'm smiling like a fool and not getting paid a cent to be endorsing something. I just get that happy over having a clean, refreshed face.

So, if you scroll down far enough you might have noticed a new little thing chilling on my blog. I titled it "stalkers" because well, I couldn't think of anything else and "followers" just sounded too cult-ish for my liking. Apparently, I'd rather have stalkers over having cult like followers. Go figure. Anyway, you can click follow and follow privately so you're not displayed, in case you're ashamed of people seeing that you're stalking little ol' me. Or you can stalk follow me publicly and get your picture displayed in the nifty little box. Cool huh? ;)

Hmmm, I think I'm out of things to say right now. Which is fine. I've said plenty. I feel a certain level of contentment when I've written until my mind is a little more relaxed. I'm good right now. I'm going to finish this delicious tea that I'm drinking, read a little of the book I just started and further relax. Sleep sounds nice too.
Happy Monday y'all!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I will have to figure out how to become one of your stalkers as well.

I also love washing my face. I use the Proactiv and even though its expensive, I love how clean my skin feels after it.

I also love to deep condition my hair.

Happy Monday

~d said...

O yes, and I did read the entire paragraph about face washing!

Anonymous said...

like your "weird" and I stalk you anyhow, how could I not? You're lucky I have no access to your windows (OS or home) I'm nosey as hell but harmless...

I have this crazy ass routine for my face, I have to use all this crap right now because I'm on the prednisone which raises hell with my pores...

Alcohol based cleanser, this foamy shit for acne, another layer of cleanser, then I use my facial steamer/sauna thing for ten minutes and then yet another alcohol treatment for the yuckies down deep. Usually, when I'm not on so many meds - its a coat of cleanser then the foamy stuff then another coat of cleanser and off to bed...

My other stuff gets special treatment though, always. I won't use soap in the tub - only Noxzema Deep - its THE greatest feeling and its SO smooth after.

Kylearyn LOVES it and its true - Noxzema grrls DO get noticed!

Eva said...

okay, that was hands down my favourite post you have EVER written.

I LOVE cleaning my face! And those girls ARE shit fucking happy!

And so are we!