Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I Got.

I am skipping TMI Tuesday this week. It's not that they aren't good questions because they are good. They're about romance and being romantic though and I would rather skip playing over posting insanely short, boring answers. I'm not a very romantic girl, at all. Trust me on that, lol.

Last night, I ended up getting off at 12:30 AM instead of 11 am. T-Rex asked me if I'd mind staying so he could send a relatively lazy girl home who was faking being sick to try and go home early. Once she found out she could leave after cleaning and stocking, she perked right up and her illness that had her moaning, groaning and acting like she was about to die disappeared. I don't care. More money for me. =D It was a pretty good night at work. I worked with mostly guys and I tend to be able to relate a little better to males than females. Always have. We had a debate about cars that lasted about an hour. We then got onto talking about football. T-Rex is from Texas. He grew up about fifteen minutes hour from where I lived in Texas. He's been in Ca a little over a year. I had someone on my side while debating sports. ;) We weren't busy. Then we were busy. Then we weren't. Then we were. It came in spurts. Time still went by pretty quickly.

I had something else I wanted to write but now, I don't feel like it. It was something I felt like I might want to get off my mind, sort of to clear my chest in a way. I changed my mind, lol. It's too emotional and I don't want to get all sad and boo-hooey right now. ;)

Don't forget, come play Wednesday Weirdness tomorrow! =D I *think* we're hosting a set of questions contributed by Another Suburban Mom this week so you know they should be good, lol. =D

Happy Tuesday! =)


Dial-Up Princess said...

i played TMI today..it had been a while....

Another Suburban Mom said...

I am glad you liked the questions. Thanks for using my WW questions.

I hate lazy people, who fake being sick to get out of work, since they are the same people who will be bitching about having no money on payday.