Wednesday, August 27, 2008


1The very awesome and amazing JeannieGrrl made this button for me. She has a new block on her website called "Blog Warriors" and myself and five others are listed there with our own Jeannie made little buttons. You can read about that here which you should because it explains the whole Blog Warriors things and you can check out her awesome website plus some other awesome blogs she has listed. =) I'm no warrior, in my opinion, lol. Jeannie just adores me for her reasons and I'm cool with that because I admire her and think she's a really badass lady. I've never met her and probably never will but I have respect for her for all that she deals with and goes through day to day.

I had something else I wanted to say but now I've forgotten. Hrmph. *shrugs* I'll come back and edit later if I remember and it happens to be important enough, lol.

Oh, I realize that some people ask questions in their blog comments after I post a comment but I tend to forget to go back and check. Usually I don't think my comments would inspire any questions so if it's something you really want the answer to, you're better off emailing me instead of asking in a comment. Or come here and ask on my blog. Either way is best at getting an answer. ;)

On to the Weirdness! It was my turn for questions this week. Fun fun. If you want to submit questions for us to use, visit the blog and e-mail myself or MG. ;)

Wednesday Weirdness

1. How often do you talk to your siblings?

Since I live with my family again, every day. When I'm not living with them... I talk to the younger two at least once a week and then my other brother I talk to less frequently, maybe once or month or so.

2. How well do you deal when given an ultimatum?

Not very well at all. I hate being forced into anything and I don't appreciate being forced to make a decision at all. That is not the way to get me to do anything.

3. Have you ever dated someone or had a lover who had an emotional or mental disorder?

Yeah. My ex Luke, know as C/A or C/D, had a lot of issues. He was a cutter and he smoked weed every day. He liked being high and he liked that being high helped him avoid the fact that his mom didn't give a shit about him or his brother. He was a mess and I went through more shit with him than I have ever gone through with anyone else. We changed each other in a lot of ways at the time. We had a rather unhealthy relationship for the better part of the time we were together.

I went on a few dates with one guy who had multiple personality disorder. I didn't know that until we had hung out a few times though and he finally explained to me why he acted so oddly. He ended up moving spur of the moment a couple days after that talk about his personality disorder to a city several hours away and I never heard or saw of him again.

4. How do you feel about crossdressing?

Not for me but I don't hate other people for doing it. If my boyfriend wanted to, it would take a little getting used to and I would hope he'd buy his own as his 6'8" frame wouldn't fit into anything of mine. Of course, he isn't in to that so I don't have to worry about him stealing my undies or shirts or anything. =) To each their own.

5. Have you ever lied about the number of sexual partners you have had to someone? Why?

To family I have. I'm not sure why. I think at the time, I was just uncomfortable with them knowing it was more than they thought. Also I wasn't open about being bisexual and I didn't want to include females into the number. I've never lied about it to a friend, person I was dating or in a relationship with.

6. Does your significant other have the same political and religious views that you do? How often do you discuss politics and religion with them?

Religious: Neither of us is religious. We do have opinions on the subject and there are things we agree on and things we don't agree on. While we don't always agree, we respect each other enough to not try and force the others views on to the other person and change their views and beliefs. Though since being with me, he's more open to the idea of supernatural things where as before it was, nothing exists, lol. I'm sure he thinks some of the ritual things I do and some of the things I believe in are a little nutty but he doesn't bother me about any of it and I don't bother him about his lack of belief in things. I do question it since I like to question things and I'm always curious to know why people believe the things they do.

Political: We don't really talk politics. He has little interest in them for the most part and so I don't discuss political stuff with him very much. We've had conversations about it before but they're usually short and again, we don't try to tell one that the other is wrong when they think differently. I can do heavy rational discussions but hot subjects usually turn to arguments with most people and they end up arguing in circles. It's pointless when you get to a point like that. The idea for me, isn't to change someone's beliefs or views. I just like to know where people stand and why that's where they stand. There are a few things I will argue to the death but politics just isn't one of them.

7. What sport, if any, do you find to be most boring?

Watching golf kills me. I don't watch it. It kills me. It puts me to sleep. I just can't do it.

Nascar bores me too. It starts out interesting but after a few laps, I'm done. I love cars, I really do but hundreds of laps around a track is just too boring to hold my attention for long. I'd rather watch a demolition derby if I'm watching something with cars. =D

8. Have you ever honestly peed in the pool?
Not that I ever recall. That's just gross. I'm not so lazy that I won't get out and run to the bathroom. I hate peeling off wet clothing as much as anyone because it's really such a pain but I'll do it if I need to go to the restroom bad enough.


Anonymous said...

Lady, you are the one who truly rocks ♥ and baby, did I ever go batshit tonight, massive updates in my whole freakin' code, I am divinely enthralled with my accomplishments! You know what? Being in such a glorious state of loving my people is really invigorating and you (as wel as shout-outs like this post) help that along nicely. I am glad to know you!

Amorous Rocker said...

<3 I'll have to come see the results of you going batshit crazy. =)

Baby said...

I like your button that Jgrrl made you...very cool. Also, great answers... :) Happy WW

Biscuit said...

I think if you're allowed to drive a cart and get drunk, it doesn't actually qualify as a sport. I don't even want to play golf, much less watch it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on golf!
Id rather have a red hot fork stuck in my eye

I'm with you on the politics too, I can never get anyone to 'splain to me why they believe whatever it is that they believe though. If I ask 3 questions then they shut down.

Good answers

Vixen said...

Loved your answer to cross dressing, lol. I'd have to say same here. As long as he doesn't wear MY clothes or want to wear matching outfits, I think I could deal. ;)

I love reading these each week. Happy Hump Day Babe!

Rage said...

Love the cross-dressing answer! Hilarious!

Happy WW!

Yvonne said...

I feel the same way about golf! What a snooze! LOL

Kittie Kate said...

Golf is boring! It's only fun to watch in a lightning storm.