Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The doctor's appointment went well Tuesday afternoon. I will post more on it later once I have all the phrasings and stuff down. I got some pills and I've already felt some slight relief in my lower back/ovaries and my pelvis. I have some pain in some womanly regions now though thanks to the exam, lol. I'll update on it more later though, promise. Thanks for all the comments of concern and what not, y'all rock! =)

I get paid today! Hell yes. I'm not broke but I'm so close it's not even funny. If I didn't rock so hard at budgeting and didn't have an awesome boyfriend who helped me with financial stuff, I'd be broke.

I need to quit smoking! I stopped. Work stresses me out. I started again. Fuck I suck. =/ Lol. I need to find a better way to deal with stress at work. Smoking is such a nasty, bad habit. Not to mention the money I could save not smoking, lol. *Sigh*

Wednesday Weirdness #17

1.) You just bought a snazzy new leather jacket for an awesome price at the local outlet shop. When you got it home you found $2000 (cash) in the jacket's inner pocket. What are you going to do?

Oooh. My immediate reaction is to say keep it. Then I think, damn that would be wrong. Then I think if I take it back to the store and give the money to someone there, are they going to do anything right with it or are they going to pocket it and act like I was just some friend paying them money I owe them? I could call the store and see if anyone had called inquiring about losing a substantial amount of money. If they said yes, I would get in touch with that person and give them their dinero back. If they said no, I'd wait a week and then check again. Still no? I'm keeping it. That way I at least tried to do the right thing and if no one pops up missing the money, it's like the universe giving me back some of what I've donated and put to charitable use. Right? Right. =D

2.) If you could change or eliminate one wedding tradition, what would it be? What is your favorite wedding tradition?

I think that kind of thing is a personal choice. I've been to a quite a few weddings and no one is exactly the same. I know for me, I don't want my wedding to be very traditional. For one, the white dress won't be happening. I don't wear white and it just isn't "me" ya know? I also want a darker feel to my wedding because I want it to fit my personality better. What I really want is a very small ceremony with just me, the guy I marry and close friends and family in attendance. Then invite the rest of the world to the reception so everyone can celebrate together but good luck finding someone to agree with that. It would also probably hurt peoples feelings and make them feel like they were good enough to come celebrate but not good enough to see the ceremony. It'd be my/our choice either way and I don't want to deal with that many hurt feelings, lol. So for me, the wedding tradition I would take away from my wedding would be the white dress. My favorite tradition is the wedding cake, lol. I do love a good cake. I also dig the whole bubbles thing I've seen lately instead of the rice throwing. You blow bubbles instead of throwing rice. I just dig blowing bubbles. I'm a little kid at heart when it comes to the awesomeness that is bubbles.

3.)If you were on Gilligan’s Island, who would you want to share your hut with? Who would you consider it torture to have to share a hut with?

The Professor to share. He might be fun. I love smart men and I think we'd have fun. Or Mary Ann.

Torture would be Gilligan. He'd be funny at first and amuse me but eventually, after a few days, I think he'd drive me up the wall and I'd want to kill him. Or the rich wife. She'd drive me crazy too.

4.) Have you ever called your current significant other by another name at any point? What happened?

Uh no. Almost but it was names of friends that I've almost called him. I don't remember ever almost calling him an ex's name. I definitely never have.

5.) If you were going to be famous under a stage name, what would you pick your stage name to be? Why? What do you want to be famous doing?

Lily Star. It sounds like a suicide girl name or a stripper name but whatever. I'd be famous for being a rock star. Duh.

6.) During sex, do you ever fantasize about someone other than your partner?

Sometimes, females though and when it happens I tell him. He's okay with that. I've never fantasized about another guy while having sex with Boyfriend though.

7.) Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet?

Each have times where they would be the worse. If I were trying to have a conversation, too loud would be worse. If I were trying to read and focus on it, too loud would be worse. Mostly, I think too quiet is worse though. It's nice to relax in silence after a lousy, stressful day. Or if you've been around loud, obnoxious people or screaming, loud children all day... a little silence seems like paradise.
At times, I find bliss and pleasure in silence but never for longer than an hour or so. I like music and background noise as it helps keep my over active and anxiety ridden mind distracted. Too much silence gives me too much time to think on a hundred different thoughts and that's not often a good thing. Plus, I just love having music on. More feels right in the world when I have music. Silence can be so horribly loud sometimes without it.


Macabre Girl said...

You do suck. ~wink~

I am glad the appointment went well, cannot wait for the deets!

It's nice that you would at least try to get the money back to it's rightful owner.

Cake and bubbles! LOL That just does NOT surprise me from you! I can see you in a velvet, crimson gown for a wedding dress with long velvet gloves that end on your upper arms. I hope I get an invite!

I adore your stage name. It suits you.

So glad you played my questions, even after you told me you would be skipping them. <3 :D

Enjoy your day of sweetie! Sorry for the novel. Check your personal email. <3

Another Suburban Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better. Loved your answers. Especially the 1st one.

I wouldn't freak out about the color choice. In some Asian cultures, white is a mourning color and people get married in crimson. I could see you in an asian style red silk dress with your hair in a simple updo adorned with some lillies, while you carry a tasteful matching boquet.

If you do get married, I will send you the oreo cake recipe again and you can get the cake person to to that weddding style!

Bunny said...

We did the bubbles at our wedding. It was pretty cool. We had rose-shaped bubbles containers with built-in wands at each place setting. The bubbles made for really neat-o pictures when we were leaving the reception.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I am catching up with Blogs. Yay Me!

Yeah, Smoking is a no no in my book. I am glad you are feeling better however.

As far as weirdness Wednesday is concerned, in answer to your Gilligan question? Yeah, Mrs. Thurston Howell III would be my bitch!

Anonymous said...

I got cash today too, I'm going to waste money that I can't afford in bars that I don't care about so I can shake my old ass and get into my old man's pants ;-)

Baby said...

It's a good thing to have stuff checked out - so you were a good doobie :) going to the doctor! Loved your answers too...for WW. But, most of all, wanted to say ((HUGS)) regarding your dealing with the Long Distance...I can relate to the evening time being toughest - only because we are winding down for the day and our minds can take off - chipper up - time flies quickly!!!!!! It's great that you have all that family around - and poohey on the idiot at work that's driving you insane :)

The Bizza said...

I'm glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

Amorous Rocker said...

Macabre Girl:
Of course. I'd feel guilty just keeping it outright, lol.
Crimson, mmm.
I thought it did.
Ooops haha. They were good ones. Sorry!
Sigh I keep forgetting to check it. Sorry again.

Another Suburban Mom:
Thank you!
That sounds lovely to me. =)
Hehe! Sounds like a good idea.

Bubbles do make for very pretty pictures! I always thought the throwing rice was a little silly, lol.

Flyinfox_SATX :
Go you!
Thank you! I did good today, I only smoked twice. Work days are a different story though. *Sigh*
Lol! Too funny. ;)

jGrrl :
Lol! I <3 you.

Thank you! Thank you again. I know you can relate and understand. =) Time does fly quickly. I just wished for certain things it moved a bit quicker. Then again for others I wish I didn't pass so quickly. Such is life! Lol.

The Bizza:
Thanks! ;)