Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you truly politically correct? Be honest.

Hahaha. Nope. I'm not, at all and I don't attempt to be. I speak my mind in a very blunt manner. I also have a rather weird, random, slightly twisted and sometimes morbid sense of humor. Not to mention my wit and sarcasm. I do take caution in a lot of instances to be polite and respectful though. I probably should watch what I say more but I don't and probably never will.

2. Will you ever streak in public during rush hour?

Possibly. It depends on what I'm getting for doing this. If I get nothing, no thanks. I'm endangering my life here. Some bozo in a car might become so shocked and distracted they let go of the brake and run me down. Someone might be so appalled by it that they throw random objects from their car while shouting obscenities at me. Oh and I'm nude so I'm potentially barefoot and might step on glass or other harmful materials that are on the ground. There is also the issue of running nude and one or both of my huge boobs bouncing up and smacking me in the face and possibly injuring me. I won't be taking these kinds of risks if there is no financial or awesome material gain to come from it.

3. Would you ever do something sexual in public (more than 20 people around)?

I have. I would again and probably will.

4. Do you ever not have good table manners?

I don't think so. I think burping is my worst thing that falls under bad manners. Though if I'm with people, I try to keep my mouth closed and cover my mouth with my hand so that it isn't loud or anything. Sometimes I forget. Otherwise, I have rockin' table manners. I hate when people talk with food in their mouth or chew with their mouth open. Really, I already see what you're having, I don't need to see it as it's being chomped around in your mouth.

5. Do you ever fantasize about a public sexual act? Describe.

Hmm.. fantasize huh? Not really fantasize. I've done plenty of sexual acts in public. Not to sound arrogant about it or anything but public sex doesn't seem like a big deal to me because I have done it so many times. At first, I did it to see if I'd get away with it and because it was something I shouldn't be doing. Now, it's still exciting but it's not something I fantasize about. I like that sometimes you're doing things and people pass by and have no clue. Like a hand job in a booth in the middle of the bar, not some back corner tucked away. Sex at a rock festival while a band you don't care for is on. Or getting your nipples licked and being fingered as you drive down the highway late at night passing dozens of cars and truckers. Some seeing and some never knowing what's going on in the car passing them. It's exciting and feels a little wrong and that's what I like about public sex. My only thing is to be conscious of if there are going to be kids around or not that might potentially see something going on accidentally. I wouldn't intentionally do something where a kid would accidentally catch a glimpse or something, that's wrong.

Anyway, like I was saying before I got carried away... I don't really fantasize too much about public stuff but I am always looking around and seeing potential in far too many places, lol. Does that count? Hehe. =D

*Bonus* Have you ever gone through a true sexual fantasy? Describe.

I have done quite a few. I remember when I was 18, I made drinks at this place that had an outdoor area with a sand volleyball court and an inflatable bounce house and I had it bad to get it on in that bounce house after hours. I just really wanted to do it and after asking a few times, my boyfriend at the time decided to stop being a chicken and do it with me. The bounce has was visible from one of the main streets in the city but late at night, it wasn't like there was a lot of traffic. They didn't deflate the bounce house a lot of the time and there were ways to get in once the gate was locked. ;) I screwed in the bounce house a couple times when it had been left up by a careless manager and decided it wasn't that great and never had the urge to do it again. Some fantasies definitely sound hotter in your head. Then once you do them, it's just not how you imagined it to be.

one of mine was to do an all girl threesome and that happened quite a few times in my late teens. Those times were all pretty fun.

I still have other fantasies I want to play out and hopefully Boyfriend can help me with those, lol. He knows all of them and wants to help me out with making them real. We just need to get them done. Being in the same state again will be a good start, lol. =D

I'm so tired. Pay day is Wednesday which is also "AR Doesn't Have To Work Day" AKA my night off. This rocks because I'm broke as fuck. I think comfy work shoes will be the first thing I buy. No wait. Money towards a cell phone will be the first thing I buy. I had a mishap with my lovely Samsung slider at work on Sunday night. It died a horrid death but it wasn't my fault. It was someone I work with getting a little crazy with a water hose while we were cleaning the floors. He did it accidentally however and didn't even realize he had sprayed me which sadly got my phone quite wet. It died. So sad. I'm using an old ass Nokia flip phone of mine until I can afford to buy myself a new one. So phone and hopefully shoes for this check. I'll be putting any extra away for gas, food and my just in case shit happens fund. I like to have extra money for potential accidents of any kind. Ya never know. ;)

Today is my appointment at the doctor. I'm a little nervous. Good energy sent my way is appreciated. =)

Another Suburban Mom rocks. I was finally able to get in my gmail and check it Monday and what do I see? An email saying ASM sent me a virtual boquet card with pretty sunflowers on it. Also a sweet little message on there too. It really made my day a little more bright. I love random acts of sweetness.

Come play Wednesday Weirdness with us tomorrow! Please. =)

Happy Tuesday!


Wil said...

"Another one of mine was to do an all girl threesome and that happened quite a few times in my late teens. Those times were all pretty fun." - Damn the lack of cameras at these events! Or was there?

The Trailer Of Love

Hubman said...

Yes, ASM rocks, doesn't she? Hope you're feeling better and the doctors visit goes well.

Thanks for the image of your huge boobs bouncing while you run :-) Hit you in the face? Oh man, that reminds me, I gotta check Tits for Troops today to see if you're there!

I love the bounce house story. ASM tried to talk me into getting one for Darling Boy's birthday party, in large part so we could fuck in it. Alas, I chickened out.

3 girl threesome? Oh my, to be a fly on the wall! Actually, I'd like to be a fly on the wall anytime you're nekkid ;-)

Another Suburban Mom said...

Loved your answers. You are definetly a fun person.

Maybe now Hubman will let me get a bounce house for PP's party.

Baby said...

LOL - a bounce house! Never crossed my mind until now ;) Yeah - another burper!!! Happy TMI!!!

Baby said...

LOL - a bounce house! Never crossed my mind until now ;) Yeah - another burper!!! Happy TMI!!!

David said...

I like your answer to number 3. :) Happy TMI!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Your answers make me smile. Especially your #2 that cracks me up. I luv it. Injury & glass wise, I mean. : )

That seriously SUCKS about your cell ; (

Hope your dr appt goes okay; post & update if you can. And I hope you have an awesome day off tomorrow, hun ; )


Flyinfox_SATX said...

You would think doing it in the inflatable would have been a trip...sorry to hear that it wasn't what you expected.

BTExpress said...

"Not Your Average Chick", your blog title fits these answers very well. I'm sure a lot more people fantasize about doing some of the things you've done, but don't have the courage to do them.

Biscuit said...

Your last sentence in #4 made me laugh out loud. I so agree!

Bunny said...

Yeah, kids in the vicinity are a big no-no when public sex is contemplated. BIG no-no.

Happy TMI!

Rage said...

Loved your answers! My favorite was your answer to question 2. I didn't think about all the things that could happen to you while streaking.

That was really nice of ASM to send the flowers!

Happy TMI!

jGrrl said...

You remind me so much of my younger sister *here, on the right* , you have so much in common and she's only a few years older than you. I loved all of these answers, I hope your doctor trip is productive AND helpful.

Southern Sage said...

excellent answers
I hope ur appt went well and all is well with you!!!!

Amorous Rocker said...

There were, for a couple times. Just not something I even have pictures of anymore, lol.

That she does! Thank you!
It's possible. Sometimes they knock me in the chin. It isn't usually good as I'm never really expecting it and usually bite down too hard on my tongue. Lol.
Chicken! You should go for it. ;) I'm thinking it might have just been my partner that made it not so great for me.
Hehe. =D

Another Suburban Mom:
Thank you. ;)
I hope so! I encourage him to do so, lol.

Baby :

Thank you!

I Smile 2 Much:
Lol. That was an insanely ridiculous goofy answer, glad you enjoyed it.
I know! *tear* Lol.
Thanks! <3

After thinking on it more, I think I want to try again. It might have been the partner and the way it was done then. Would be interesting to try again and see, lol.

Thank you! I didn't have a blog title for the longest time and then I met someone who after a few times of being around me mentioned I was definitely not an average chick and thus I found my title. =D Thanks!

Lol! =D Just.. ugh! Nastiness.

Exactly, glad someone else agrees on that too.

Lol, I was being ridiculous and goofy but all the things I listed do have potential to happen. ;) Lol. Thank you!
It was, she's such a doll.

Is she single? Lol! Sorry. =p I couldn't resist. Shame on me.
Thank you darlin! I <3 you.

Southern Sage:
Thanks pimpin! =)

Kittie Kate said...

Those are some really cool answers. I'm glad you did that much detail.