Thursday, August 21, 2008

HNT: Lilies 4

I enjoyed my day off Wednesday. I went to work and got my check. Then it was on to the bank.

Then it was on to the AT&T store. I got my cell phone problem taken care of. I have a new phone and phone insurance once again.

I went to Target and did some shopping. I got a new random Batman junk out of the $1 bins. A new pair of black pants. Hair Color. Season 1 of Two and A Half Men for Boyfriend, just because he loves that show and I wanted to buy him something. I'll mail it to him with some things I need to send him. A necklace with two black dangling stars. Biore facial cleanser. Mascara.

Then it was on to Best Buy. I got The Batman Begins "Limited Edition" Gift Set. I really wanted the art work and the special features disk. I had a $15 gift card so the $33 set cost me a little over $17. It rocks.

After that, it was dinner with my mom, dad, youngest brother and sister at Red Lobster. Other brother had to work from 4 pm to midnight so he missed out on that.

After dinner we stopped by CostCo so we could get some items.

Then it was off to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. I love Reese's ice cream. Mmm.

Then it was home. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with my love. That made me so happy.. until I had to hang up. He really stayed up too late talking to me. We got off the phone at 1:30 AM his time(Central time) and he has to be up at 7 AM Thursday to shower and get ready for work. I love him for missing out on sleep just to talk to me though.



The Bizza said...

"Nipple-a nipple-a nipple-a nipple-a..." *sung in an "opera-man" voice*

Sorry to hear that you're feeling down. That's been a recurring theme as i make my blog rounds. Maybe it has something to do with summer coming to an end. But it's probably just coincidence.

I will sacrifice one live chicken in an effort to provide your soul with positive energy (Full disclosure: I'm going to KFC later, but I'm reasonably certain that it was once alive and was once a chicken.)

Amorous Rocker said...

Lol! =p Opera man voice eh? Classic.

Thanks. =)

I do appreciate your sacrificial efforts! KFC or not, I'm pretty sure it counts. It was once alive and it can some times be so tasty that it has to be real chicken. At least 85% of it anyway.

Hubman said...

Wow, great pictures as always. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

Amorous Rocker said...

Thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love the lilies. Very pretty.

As for the hair, I think 3 inches is probably not all that much and it will grow back. I know what you mean though. I hate when I get my hair cut and they chop too much off. It's curly so it shrinks up even more. Ugh.

Biscuit said...

That's a gorgeous picture. The lily and your lips stand out, and I could just stare at it forever.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your day off was very productive! HNT click through is hot-hot-hot!!

Amorous Rocker said...

Exactly! Oh well, hehe. It'll grow back.

Stop that, you're embarrassing me, lol. =X Thank you!

It was productive! Go me, hehe. Thank you!!! =D

Ms. Lily said...

I will never get sick of the Lilies, they look as beautiful as you do!
Can't wait to see the hair!

Happy HNT!!

An Artist Exposed said...

I love this lily series - so arty and artful. HHNT!

Anonymous said...

hope you start feeling mo betta!!

Excellent pic, love the click!

Another Suburban Mom said...

You look lovely with the lillies and I am curious to see your new hair.

You are brave to cut and color it at home. I am just too much of a spaz so I go to Supercuts for bang trims and search for a good person to do my hair.

I am sorry that you can't be with your guy. One thing hubman and I tried when he was away for two months was webcams, so we could have live chat. My laptop was older than dirt so it didn't always work, but if you have better computers it might be worth a try.

Paul B said...

This really is an excellent series of pics...keep em coming!


Anonymous said...

Happy HNT...pretty girl, pretty lillies.

Baby said...

Lovely photos -very sexy - of course - that is great that you got that phone time with your sweetie :) SHOPPING - so much fun!!!! Happy HNT!

Maeve said...

that is some lovely things hidden behing those lilies!

Jason said...

i like the lilies

i hate cell phone problems.. i have credit for a new phone but not one but TWO stores were either out of stock or so useless that I walked out.. so no new phone for me yet.. lol

the good doctor said...

Suddenly, I don't really mind that you've broken the rules. Great shots.
Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

That is a great shot! HHNT!

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT back at ya!! Cute pics

Mojo said...

Sweet. Love the flower. Oh, and I like the lily too. (That is a lily, right?)

I'll see what kind of voodoo I can drum up for your recovery (get it? voodoo? drum up? voodoo drum? nevermind)


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Happy HNT...Batman Begins Collectors set...Yay you! Yes, I am jealous...What are your predictions for when The Dark Knight comes out on DVD? Bet it will be the best selling DVD of all time....

Anonymous said...

Totally kewl photography! Please don't reply to my comment, I don't have time to even read all of my favorite blogs, and never go back to recheck them. I'm a bad blogger. I should be spanked regularly. :-P

I Smile 2 Much said...

Glad ya got your cell phone thingy taken care of. And *very cool* you got time on the phone with your BF. ((Hugs to you, babe))

I cannot wait to see pics of your hair..3 inches huh? I wanna see!!! ; )

Your lilies & you are *always* beautiful to see. (((Luv ya much hun)))

Many sweet hugs 2 you & HHNT too

Vixen said...

LOVE the click thru!!!! Very pretty and sexy.

I can't remember if I have told you or not, but I LOVE the banner on top of your blog. It rocks. :)

happyHNT!!! xo

JRM said...

pretty pretty !!! Love that click! HHNT!

Luka said...

I like rule breakers :)

Gorgeous pic - that click through is majorly sexy.

Dana said...

There seems to be a cyber-down feeling running amok these days! Hopefully it will run far away from you soon!!

Love the lily series *wink*

MarcelloNYC said...

HHNT! At least it wasn't just me that forgot the olympic theme.

d2b said...

Oh, I love whats behind those lilies ;)

Great clickie ;)

Happy HNT!

Sarah said...

I love your pictures! You got some, yeah that's where I was going. Hehe.

And there's a batman begin's limited edition? How did I not know about this? I must be behind the times.

Musns said...

I love click through's and that one was awesome!

I went from black hair for a year to now coloring it "Cinnastick" which is a dark red/brown. I'm naturally ash blonde and the reddish fades really fast. The black on the other still black. On my way back from watching my Nana last week, my 7 year old piped up from the back seat, "Mom your hair is two colors. It's red AND black!" "Yes dear, I know." "That's WEIRD!"

Great - I thought is was more subtle this way. (not that I'm going back to blonde but...the black was really stark against my skin tone)

Elle said...


Rage said...

I see nip nip!

Very hot!

Happy HNT beautiful!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Ha. I've very much done that with my hair before. *snip, snip* Oh. Hmm. :)

I'm still loving the lilies, and happy HNT!

Shibari said...

o.O I love the hair... but I love you more... xoxoxo

TUG said...

Diggin the lillies. That was a pretty good day (minus not having the bf of course).