Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuck You Friday: Alone.

I don't understand why you seem to find yourself as the end all, the be all and the all there ever was. I don't understand how you rate yourself so highly over everyone else. Why you put yourself on such a high pedestal, looking down on every single person you know and don't know.

You can't accept those lesser than you. Don't you realize you aren't better than anyone? I know you don't. There will always be someone who does what you do better. Those who would put what you do to shame. Those are the ones you despise the most though, aren't they? They are what you wish you were and you loathe their very existence just because of that. You act so high, so mighty but really you're cowering under this ridiculous facade only pretending to be more than what you are.

Garbage and venom is what you spew to those you find beneath you. Criticizing, judging, demeaning them into the ground as if their efforts mean so precious little. You laugh at them, making jokes at their expense and for what? So that you can feel better? So that you can feel validated? Really what you are is insecure in your own skin so you feel the need to belittle, to tear others down and make them feel like their efforts are wasted, meaningless, feeble little attempts turned failures. You do it in such a way they don't even realize you're being condescending at first. It sinks in slowly and then they realize. Does it make you feel good to make them feel like dirt? Does it feel good to make them feel an inch tall? I bet you feel wonderful as you tear them down for what they do. Growing in stature as they shrink before you. All they do is try and put forth their best effort but that isn't good enough. Of course, you are supremely better. Who could argue that? It wouldn't matter because you'd belittle them into the ground as well simply for disagreeing with you. Forbid someone disagree with you.

Push people down enough and they'll begin to drift away. Treat them like dirt and see how long they'll stay. They'll leave you alone one by one and then you'll end up all by your sad, pathetic little self one day. You'll blame them for leaving though. You won't ever own up to your ways and realize that you're the one at fault, you're the one to blame. You'll be bitter and alone with only yourself to blame but you'll sit by the window staring out and seeing nothing around you. Everyone has left you and it's all your fault but you'll be pointing the finger outward, pushing off all the blame to everyone but yourself. Really you should feel ashamed and point your finger at yourself. You're the one who's to blame. All your hurt, loneliness and misery is no one's fault but your own. How does it feel to be bitter and alone?

- Shinedown Lyrics

I *love* this song. It seems like I'm posting Shinedown a lot but I think that's a coincidence. ;) They are one of my favorite bands and have been for years. I love Brent Smith's voice. I love the lyrics in this song. It just also happens to be a song in one of my favorite movies about my absolute most favorite super hero guy. Mmm. That's just a bonus. ;) If you don't like it, that's cool but don't bash me for liking it. I'm entitled to like what I want to just as much as you are. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it bad. Mmkay.

Have a Great
Weekend Y'all!


Anonymous said...

That is f**king powerful. I'm drawn to memories of my oldest sister in this - its like it was written for her, like I wrote it... She's so bitter and she hates herself so bad that the only way she can deal with the world and people around her is by being bitter and hateful and lashing out at all and sundry, proclaiming her own virtues whilst trumpeting their mishaps and pratfalls. If she can't find solid reasoning - she'll create it and then once she's told herself that its fact - in her own mind - it indeed becomes gospel which she wastes no time in preaching to any/all who will listen...

Recently I reconnected with the estranged side of my blood kin, she was one of the options. I gave her a chance in hopes that she had grown in ten years of separation.

I was mistaken and today, especially after reading this, I cry for her and for what she has done to herself, bot to even mention what she has done to the rest of us...

Hun, Can I post this, with credit to you, in my private Facebook account? It would mean a lot to me and I think it would comfort some others within this rather strained and dysfunctional bunch that I call "family"...

If you say no thats OK too but I find this profound.

Amorous Rocker said...

I e-mailed you. =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you much, I've also replied <3

and I meant it..

You really are my favourite broken doll <3

I Smile 2 Much said...

Ooooooh. Powerful song, powerful words. It's so sad (which is not a strong enough word) when people do this. I know someone who's narcissistic who's exactly like this. Nobody (he thinks) is remotely close enough to how *awesome* he wants to think "he" is. Like you said... it's all so fake, so insincere. So not worth it. His reality is skewed. Its just an illusion. He's really just empty inside and he wants to believe his own lies. (sigh)

The song is awesome with your words. People who pretend and try to convince themselves of something so distorted and wrong are really (like you said) so miserable and pained inside.

Luv ya hun ; )

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I like that Tune! Thanks for posting it. Have a great weekend babe!

Boo said...

I'm always afraid I see too much of myself in this person. I'm always afraid I'm the selfish narcissistic one, pushing myself unwelcomed on others. I feel so sad for people like this. Their existences are so hollow, filled only on the surface with the things they think are important.