Monday, August 18, 2008

Doctors, imminent death and cuddling.

I usually really dislike doctor visits. I don't often go see a doctor. I'm not one of those who sneeze and run to the doctor. If a few nights of OTC medicines and sleep don't cure me, then I'll go. Usually, I don't end up needing to go. With my current lower back/pelvic problems... I'm counting the hours down until I get to go to the doctor on Tuesday. I know that isn't a magic fix but I'm hoping something good comes from it. I have been taking Vicodin for the pain. When I'm home, I spend some time with a heating pad at my lower back. Between those two things, it's helped ease the pain I feel which I am grateful for. I imagine working without the ease of the Vico would be HELL considering the pain I'm in when I wake up in the morning.

I have no patience for snobby, self entitled, spoiled little rich kids. I work with a guy who is younger than me but that description fits him perfectly. I want to punch him in the mouth as hard I can around 90% of the time he opens his mouth. I'm sure his daddy would pay for his dental work immediately so it's not like it's a big deal really. Except for the whole assault thing is they happened to have me arrested and pressed charges against me. That's potentially a problem. I could always plead that I had temporarily gone insane from having to listen to this brats incessant rambling on about his fathers business this, money that, snide comment here, dad this, rude comment there, money here, douchebaggery here, money there, etc etc. He also thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants because he is above every one's rules. I swear I might choke the spoiled, obnoxious, self entitled little fuck one night. =D

I miss my boyfriend. *Sigh* I can go most of the day without thinking on it too much but the end of the night is when it really hits me. It's the time I can't avoid the feelings or ignore them anymore. During the day, I can be kept busy with things such as laundry, reading, swimming, errands and various other things. During the evening and night I am kept busy with work. After work? I come home. I vent and talk to my mom and two youngest siblings since they are night owls and generally still up. My dad and other brother are usually asleep. If that brother isn't asleep, he's busy or out doing something. Anyway; I rant, they rant back, we laugh and it's nice. I love being around them. All the chatting is a good way to unwind after work and my youngest brother is just so damn cute, it's hard to stay annoyed around him.

Then I shower and try to relax. My way to relax was to lay down and talk with Boyfriend, rant or vent if need be. Laugh and joke, cuddle and kiss. I miss that. I know I'll have it again here one of these days but I just don't seem to stay busy enough for the days to fly by. I'm hoping we get to see each other in October. In all actuality, that isn't *that* far away but... I'm used to being around the big dork every day. I miss having someone to sleep with. Not just for sex though that is greatly missed as well. I miss falling asleep next to his warm body, arms wrapped around me, pulling me close, nuzzling my hair and neck, massaging my sides and hips. Soft kisses brushed gently against my hair, neck and shoulders. Giggling and murmuring ridiculous and sweet things to each other in the dark. It's wonderful. One thing being away from him has given me though is that I realize now how much I just love being with him. You spend day after day with someone and things start to blur together, become a bit fuzzy and you forget to notice when you have something special. You don't always stop to realize and to appreciate the truly wonderful thing you have because you're so used to it that it becomes sort of routine in a way. You end up taking the love and affection for granted, as if it's just another every day thing no more special than any other thing you do day in and day out. I shouldn't do that so much. I'll see if I can work on that once we're back to not living 2,000 miles apart. :)

Remember, Wednesday Weirdness is almost here. You know you want to play with us. ;)

Anyway... It's almost 3 AM now and I need to get my ass to sleep. I'm all nice and warm thanks to the heating pad nestled on my lower back. Being warm makes me sleepy. Not to mention being flat tired. I'll get to some comments and emails tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to my day off Wednesday. I'm going to be so lazy. =)



Hubman said...

Hi AR, ASM and I hope your doctors visit goes well tomorrow and the source of your discomfort is nothing serious.

I know what you mean about coworkers- some people just need a good solid, attitude adjusting punch to the face.

Sloane said...

Try those Thermacare portable heating pads. They fit under your clothes and take the pain away discreetly.

I wear them all the time and they work.

Anaïs Satire said...

For the lower back, try soaking in a warm (not hot) bathwater, add some lavender oil and a glass of wine. Sounds almost 'romantic' but actually the wine relaxes your mind which ultimately relaxes the muscles through out your tensed body. :)

I believe Sage sent me your way a while back and I have stalked your words for a while, so I thought I'd at least say 'hello'.

Not a spoiled rich kid...

Pluff said...

Hope the Dr. can do something for you.

I know it's gotta be tough with BF so far away. Here's hoping he's closer soon!

Samantha said...

Hope the doctors visit goes well....I've been slacking on reading/commenting but wanted to say that sorry your missing the b/f hopefully time will fly till you see him again :o)

Another Suburban Mom said...

I would go with the warm bath and wine thing, but watch with the vicodin. Also might want to mix some naproxen with that to reduce inflammation.

When you feel better you should just kick Richie Rich in the ass.

Heff said...

Avoid the Doctor at all cost !

Rage said...

That kid seriously needs his ass kicked, and hell, why not use the insanity plea? It seems to work for everyone else these days?

Hope you feel better AR, keep us posted and take care of yourself.

I Smile 2 Much said...

Hope your doc appt goes okay & you start feelin better soon, hun..... That does *not* sound good at all. ; (

I say smack the dude. Or em, slip some bratty kid a $5 bill and have him do it for you. That works too (lol) ; ) Dont ask me how I know about that, though....(hee-hee)

That sucks, babe, about your BF and all the missing each other stuff. Especially the bedtime together sleeping. (sigh)

Hope you get a good night's rest, sexy girl ; )

Luv ya much.... *muah*

Amorous Rocker said...

Thanks for the advice tips everyone! I appreciate it. :)

Thanks for the concern and kind words as well! :)

anais satire:
thanks for saying hello! :)