Monday, July 7, 2008


It was a busy weekend. Fun too.

The anniversary celebration Friday was actually bad. Aunt Bitch caused a lot of problems, as she normally does. She did worse than she has in the past. There's a lot of back story in all of it and I won't explain it as I don't like to post in detail about my family on here. My issues that I was worried about were definitely put in the shadows compared to anything else that went down. It wasn't a good time though.

Later Friday night fucking rocked though. We had almost $600 in fireworks to set off. Cakes, artillery shells, firecrackers, firecrackers that explode in water, black cats, flying jacks, roman candles, bottle rockets and tons of stuff. My mom, dad, two brothers, sister, boyfriend, cousin, myself and CL (who came out for the fireworks) had a grand time shooting stuff off. I got a package of roman candles that go off like regular ones do but then they blow up in the air like mini artillery shells. Firing them off was like shooting a gun. They were so pretty.
It took two and a half hours to set it all off but it was fun. So much fun. =)

Saturday we took my brother and cousin out to one of places Boyfriend and I hang out at. We got my brother and my cousin pretty drunk. They were amusing. A few of our friends came along as well. It was a pretty good time indeed.

Sunday was spent doing more packing. Mom took my brother to the airport because he was flying back to CA that afternoon. My family and Boyfriend went out to dinner together around 6. More packing and cleaning after that at my mom's. Lots of clearing junk out. Lots of being busy and working. Loading the moving truck up. Late night food run to Whattaburger. More packing and cleaning. More loading the truck. Mini bonfire. Sleep.

I am so tired right now. I suppose I should explain all the packing and moving talk. =)

I'm moving. I'll be living with my family for at least a year. Packing went pretty easily of the bedroom stuff. Everything in the refrigerator or freezer got tossed. Almost everything anyway. Groceries hadn't been purchased though so we didn't have much to throw away. Not because there was no money for groceries but because we were trying to keep from having a lot to throw away.

Oh and my family is moving to live in CA with my dad. My boyfriend's staying in Texas. We're not breaking up. We've done long distance before. The majority of our whole damn relationship has been long distance. The whole first year we got to know each other we were states apart. We'll be able to do this. It'll be hard, like it has been but we'll be okay. He can visit. I will visit. It won't be permanent so it'll be alright. If it's meant to work out, it will. Like I said, we've done this kind of distance before.

This has been planned for a while now. I just haven't been able to post about it on here because I have a pesky little problem. I didn't want that pesky little problem to go blabbing to the world as my mom was trying to keep quiet about it for a while longer. Her, my youngest brother and my little sister are going to be out in CA with my dad and other brother who is 22 currently for a pretty long while. At least 5 years I believe. I won't be there quite that long, lol.

I'm excited. I have a job there already, as soon as I get there, working for one of my dad's businesses. It'll be good. I'll be saving money and I get to have the oral surgeries that I've been needing finally.

Everything is all packed up. My stuff, along with my families stuff is being loaded into the truck as I type this. Boyfriend and my cousin are helping my dad with that. We're leaving this evening or early tomorrow morning.

I'm probably going to miss doing TMI Tuesday tomorrow. I might be doing HNT on Thursday. Maybe some sort of "traveling" edition or something. Who knows. ;) I
will still be doing Wednesday Weirdness on Wednesday though. I can cheat and get the answers early since me and my girl MG do the questions from week to week. ;) Don't forget to play WW with us this week either! It's an easy one. =)


Osbasso said...

Holy cow, Batman! All sorts of changes! (welcome back to the west!)

Hope the move goes smoothly! Looking forward to pics/stories!

Baby said...

WOW that's a lot going on!!! Good luck with the moving and getting settled in your new home! :)

Stiletto Reflections said...

Oh yes, San Fran?? Or am I thinking of someone else, lol? It's still super hot up here. Gah!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Good luck with the move. It can be brutal.

I will be thinking of you and saying a little prayer for a safe journey!

Shibari said...

WOW!!! I love the new blog look... and omg are you soooo hottt or what... I swear girl~!!!! you slay me ;)
Thanks for being consistent with reading andleaving comments. I am feeling ok and luckily for the moment am NOT needing a matching scar to squiggles (my lovely belly button scar)
Thank you for all your good thoughts and care
you are a kick ass chick and i love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck sexy and be careful on the road!!

Semiresponsive said...

I was reading the TMI Tuesday post and thinking to myself, "moving to California? How on earth did I miss that?" Then I read on and there was the answer. Hope you travels suit you well! Good luck with the LDR (though it sounds like the two of you won't really need it - lucky girl.) ;-)

Dial-Up Princess said...

oh wow...good luck dear!

Bunny said...

Wow! I hope it all works out for the best and you can save lots and lots of $$ for the future.

Bad Bad Girl said...

Where in Cali are will you be dear?? Good luck on the drive.

The Bizza said...

I actually sat here and got depressed that you're moving away from me...

...but then I remembered that I live near Seattle... yeah... I am an idiot.

Good luck on your move!