Monday, July 21, 2008

Why.. So.. Serious?

Hello there. I haven't been around much, writing or visiting blogs lately. Part of it is being busy from the move and busy getting settled in. Part of it is that I've had a lot on my mind lately and not wanted to write publicly about much of it. I still don't actually. Most of these things I wouldn't mind writing about if it weren't for the fact that I have family that lurk my blog. Some things aren't meant for family to know, some things are inappropriate for my family to see. Which is why my blog content got changed and looks quite a bit different. It bothers me that someone related to me could read my blog, sexy posts and half naked pictures, on a daily basis and not be bothered by it at all. It made me feel violated and angry at their invasion. If they found it and never saw it again or only checked from time to time, I wouldn't care so much. Being here on a weekly or daily basis given the things I posted, bothered me. I wouldn't want to read my mothers, brother, sister, aunt, cousin, uncle, et cetera's blog if they were posting stuff not always appropriate for those under 18. I'm sure some people would be okay with it and not care but that's not me. It's uncomfortable for me. So I contemplate what I want to post a bit more now. With that and the emotional ride I've been on lately, I just haven't cared to post much. I'm working on the emotional crap, trying to anyway.

My title of the post is from The Dark Knight. I love that movie. I think I'll be going Tuesday to see it again. It's by far my favorite Batman flick to date.

The lovely girl over at A Mad Masquerade tagged me with this little meme and I'm going to do it because I rarely turn these things down, lol.

5 things found in your bag:

1. Mini hair brush.

2. Eye drops. My allergies kill me and my eyes always act up horribly.

3. Hand sanitizer.

4. A notebook. Never know when you'll need to write something down. =)

5. Mini make up thing. It has black nail polish, black eyeliner, mascara, chap stick,
black cherry lip gloss and mini Japanese cherry blossom body lotion from Bath and Body Works and mineral concealer.

5 favourite things in your room:

1. Pillows.

2. Cell phone.

3. Laptop.

4. CD case.

5. Crayons. =D

5 things you have always wanted to do:

1. Go white water rafting.

2. Travel to a lot of different countries.

3. Write a book and have it published.

4. Own my own business.

5. Stalk Meet at least half of the Dallas Stars players.

5 things you're currently into:

1. Increasing the amount of laps I can swim.

2. Creating works of art with crayons, lol.

3. Not drinking so much alcohol.

4. Ebay.

5. Masterfully planning out ways to go see all the concerts I want to see this summer.

5 people you want to tag:

Here I Smile, All Smyles, Lydia, Macabre Girl and Kiki. Now if none of these lovely people want to play, oh well, lol. Not everyone can be as lamely cool as me. ;)

Next, I have a video for your listening pleasure. Yes, listening pleasure. No viewing pleasure save for the print and the one picture that stays stuck there through the whole song. Though for some, depending on your taste in men, it isn't a bad picture to have to look at.

This song isn't one the band has made a video of or released for radio play. It's not even up on their Myspace page. It's on their most recent CD which I like and this song appeals to me right now quite a lot. It makes me think happy thoughts about someone and some things. Click the song title for lyrics, click Theory for the bands website and click Deadman to see their Myspace page. =) I warn you now before you click play, it's a horribly sappy song.

"Heaven (Little By Little)" by Theory Of A Deadman.

Lastly... please remember to play Wednesday Weirdness with us this week! =)

Monday Y'all!


Smyles said...

I played!!

And I'm dying to go see Dark Knight! :) Can't wait!

Another Suburban Mom said...

I can't wait to see the Dark Knight. Also, Hubman and I did your meme today.

Osbasso said...

Take your time getting back into the swing of things. I agree with you about the family thing. Definitely not quite 'normal'.

Linds said...

Dark Knight was amazing. I loved it and was impressed with Heath ledger! A sequeal with him would have been too awesome.

Musns said...

"No need to medicate cause I know you're strong without it"

I love that line.

I agree with Os - take time getting back into the swing of things. We're not going anywhere.

Lydia said...

Thanks for the tag! I am up at Oh My God Girl.

Can't wait to see Dark Knight. I have seen every single Batman in the theater and I cannot break my streak now!

Anonymous said...

i kno I'm under a rock
I never even heard of Dark Knight
must not be a western.

Good luck on working the emotional stuff out too.
pic looks good tho!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I have started seeing this in cycles. That is why my blog no longer exists on blogger. What the hell is going on? Blogging censorship? No way.

I am in the midst of change myself, surprisingly for the same reasons.

Vixen said...

The family thing sucks. *sigh*

Crayons ROCK. LOL

Macabre Girl said...

I played love.