Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today, I'm smiling. =D

I've returned to make a second post. The Wednesday Weirdness post is below this one.

I lived in Texas up until around 20 days ago when I moved to California. My boyfriend stayed in Texas. Read about that here if you haven't.

I was awakened early in the AM to receive a long box from Fed Ex. My dad woke me up telling me that someone had sent me flowers and to wake up so I could open the box. It took me a few moments but I got up and opened them. These are what I got.

Those lovely flowers arrived from Pro Flowers and the thing I love about it is they always come unopened. They start opening usually a couple hours after you get them in water and by the next day, most of them will be open partially. My awesome boyfriend sent me these flowers. I'm not a flowers kind of girl really. I don't care for roses and most other flowers. I love Lilies. It's more the gesture behind it that gets me. I forget about them for the most part after they're in a vase. Until someone comments on them anyway, lol. Or if I happen to look up and see them, remember and grin. It's just a very sweet thing to do, especially when there's no occasion accompanying them. Just because gifts rock.


Dial-Up Princess said...

awesome :)

Lilly said...

that is incredibly sweet and those look to be beautiful lilies.

i, too, am not a fan of traditional flowers. my fav bouquet would be daffodils and irises.

I Smile 2 Much said...

Holy cow hun- I am such a dork, I didn't realize that. When you posted about your move, I was outta town so I just now read *that*. Sheesh! I'm sooo outta it.

Nevertheless, these are *gorgeous* flowers and sooooo dang sweet. Awwww....

*Luv ya chickie* ; )

Kittie Kate said...

that's sweet!
i hope you're not missing too much!

Ms. Lily said...

Lilies are my favorite too, in case you didn't guess, lol. They are very beautiful, I am jealous.

~Viemoira~ said...

Very sweet of your man!

Amorous Rocker said...

Dial-Up Princess:
Thank you! :)

Thank you! They are very pretty.
I love irises as well. =)

I Smile 2 Much:
It's cool chick. =D You're all caught up and in the loop and stuff now, lol.
Thank you! Hehe.

Kittie Kate:
Hehe. =D
Not too much. ;)

Ms. Lily:
I had an idea that might a favorite thing of yours, lol. ;) Thank you!

Indeed. =D Thanks!