Monday, July 28, 2008

Medicated Monday.

No, not that kind of medicated. I'm not high on happy pills at the moment so cool it people. ;)

I've been sick through the weekend and now it's starting the week and... I'm still feeling ill. I start work in CA on Friday so that gives me this week to get my ass feeling better. I'm feeling better than I have been the last few days so I'm sure by Friday I'm going to be great! I'm excited. I hate not working. Not only because I hate not having money coming in but I feel horribly unproductive and lazy when I go for a while not working. It sucks.

I don't have much to write about at the moment. My weekend consisted mostly of taking medicine, sleeping, puking, sneezing, coughing, blowing through tissues like crazy and not being able to keep most food down. Sounds exciting, right? That's what I thought, lol.

I'm also really irritated right now so that puts a damper on me wanting to write. I so dislike people sometimes. Most of the time. Whatever, ya know? Can't live with 'em, can't legally kill 'em. Lol. =D Even people I like and care for, sometimes you just want to smack them sometimes. *Sigh*

Plus, I still don't feel well and it's about time to load my ass up with more medicine and lay back down to relax. I've slept most of the day so I'm sure I'll be up for a while longer. I'll be blissfully medicated in my relaxed state though.

For not wanting to write, I did a pretty good job, huh? Lol. It's my Robitussin-Zicam-Dayquil cocktail talking, I swear. =) I've had so much of the stuff I think it's replaced the blood in my system. Ok, so maybe not but you get what I mean.

Happy Monday Y'all!


Another Suburban Mom said...

You need soup. Send someone out to get you the sickie essentials.

Chicken noodle soup, teeny crackers, ginger ale, and vanilla ice cream.

Then put fresh sheets on the bed, take the hottest shower you can stand, some tylenol pm and go to sleep.

Feel better AR

Osbasso said...

Being sick in the summer has got to be the worst feeling of all... Hope you beat it by Friday!

Biscuit said...

All OTC cold meds make me feel like the world is whizzing around me. going fast, not the other kind of whiz. :)

Feel better soon!

Smyles said...

Your weekend doesn't sound like any fun! Hope you are feeling better!!!

Rage said...

Vitamin C should help some too!

Take care and get well soon!


~Viemoira~ said...

Hope you feel better ! Take it easy!