Thursday, July 24, 2008


Wednesday I took youngest brother swimming. I love swimming. I waited until later in the evening to go to avoid the sun. Then again, the sun was hidden behind the smoky haze covering the sky today so it didn't matter either way really. The water felt so so very good. I love feeling the pull and strain in my muscles as I slice through the water. It rocks. =)

Today, I have my favorite t-shirt on display for HNT. Click around if you want and see what's going on. *wink* My favorite t-shirt represents my absolute favorite super hero ever. In case y'all didn't know. Though if you've read my blog with any regularity, especially lately, you already knew that eh? =D

Which reminds me, check out my boyfriend's review blog to see what he had to say about The Dark Knight.

On to HNT.



This video is called, "Does Size Matter?" It's amusing. It is not safe for work viewing, lol.



fairyflutters said...

Beautiful as always. I love to swim also. It's the best.


Vixen said...

I love to swim too...

That picture is rocking it. HappyHNT (glad you played)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Man, I wish I could swim... :(

Love the HNT--I'm going to *have* to see the new Batman movie...and soon!

Happy HNT--lovely as always. :)

Jason said...

always a fan our your pics, HHNT! i will have to take a look at the review, i've heard conflicting things. i've seen a 'leaked' part and i'm actually afraid i'm going to be disappionted.. i hope not!

have a good night!

Chick said...

You are beautiful & that video had me cracking up.

Amorous Rocker said...

Thank you! Swimming does rock. =D

It's such fun. =)
Thank you!

ms. i:
Aww. I'll teach you? Lol.
You def need to see it soon. =D
Thanks darlin!

Thank you! =D

Thank you! That video had me cracking up too, lol. I love that last woman's responses, haha. =)

I Smile 2 Much said...

I *LUV* this click-thru of you. You're sooooooo dang gorgeous. How you're tilted and your hair and eyes and....yah.... so drop dead sexy*gorgeous! One of my faves! And I also luv the 1 of you on the previous post too. I meant 2 say that before now. You *reallllllly* are beyond beautiful. All of you. ; )

Luv ya sexy girl ; ) *muah* HHNT ; )

I hope 2 see it this weekend; I can't wait *your* movie ; ) *giggle*

smarmoofus said...

First of all, you're hot!

Second, that video was hilarious! That woman who finally confronted him... hahaa! I love how much she was enjoying the show. "Can you just go over that one more time...?" *giggles*

Happy HNT!

Mariposa said...

Love the click-through! HappyHNT!

P.S. I wish you are here so you can take me to swimming too... ;)

Amorous Rocker said...

I Smile 2 Much:
Aww, lol. Thank you girlie! Muah! <3
If you see it, you have to come here and email me and tell me what ya think. =D

Well thank you! Lol.
Lol! That woman was my favorite part of the whole video. =X

That would be fun. =)

Hubman said...

The thought of you in a wet bathing suit, climbing out of a pool...

Oh, my!!

Thanks for the pictures.

An Artist Exposed said...

Wonderful pics, especially the moody, artistic one at the top - I always enjoy your blog. HHNT!

Southern Sage said...

looking good Ar

Curvaceous Dee said...

Your click-through it gorgeous - and that video was hilarious!

HHNT, xx Dee

Lilly said...

Will have to come back later to see the vid. Beautiful pics AR, and YUMMY cleavage!!!

I lurve your hair, too.


The Troll said...

Nice pic and great description of swimming. HHNT

Stealth said...

I do so love both of those photos. 'You are stunning.


beerpieandjesus said...

HHNT!! I am new to the HN world so I am stopping in on everyone...I loved the video too:)

not2shy said...

I love that vid :-) See, women complain that we talk to their breasts, but if we showed as much cock as you show cleavage you would be talking to our groins.

HHNT :-)

SeaRabbit said...

I love all of those photos... There such intensity in them!!

Maeve said...

I guess that Batman would have want that kind of sign better!

MarcelloNYC said...

HHNT Sexy!

I am going to see Dark Knight tomorrow, can't wait.

Dana said...

Hmmm ... Batman never looked so good! *wink*


KBear said...

I love to swim. I've started trying to go to the local pool at the gym twice a week at least.

I'm not very good at swimming though. I'm not very strong, but I try, and it's a good workout. Although I'm usually done after 20 I'm so tired after!

Ms. Lily said...

You have great cleavage. Beautiful pics.

That video was hilarious, my eyes are watering I was laughing so much.


Baby said...

You look absolutely fabulous dahling!!!!!!!! Wonderful photos - sounds like you are having a great time in your new home! HHNT!

Renee said...

Now who's your favorite superhero again? I don't think I caught that. ;)

Great click thru, AR. Sexy and sooooo freaking beautiful!

Oh, and this last Batman movie is one of my all time favorites. Loved it!!

the good doctor said...

No wonder the Dark Knight got such great reviews! Great advertisement works wonders.
The video was hilarious! Happy HNT!

Madame X said...

Love the click-thru... so beautiful. Happy HNT... and we're off to swim today too!

blue said...

hi! thanks for stopping by...and yes, you have been by many blogs though so its hard to keep things straight, I know.HHNT...

Heff said...

the video - "My name's Peter, I'll be taking care of you " LMAO !

The Bizza said...

Batman is my 2nd favorite hero, behind Spiderman, but he's definately badass. The new movie was pretty decent too.

Oh, and the video was hilarious.

Luka said...

Swimming is the best.

Loving the click through :)


Ro said...

Excellent T-shirt but I like that first pic most - the lighting is deeee-lightful :)

And I still haven't decided how quickly to go to see Batman!

Happy HNT!

boolshitz said...

Happy HNT! Love the shirt! :)

Amorous Rocker said...

It's not as great a visual as you make it sound, lol. =)
Thank you!

An Artist Exposed:
Thank you, two times! Lol. =)

Southern Sage:

Curvaceous Dee:
Glad you enjoyed the video, lol.

I hope you like the video if you come back just for that, lol.
Thanks for the compliments!

The Troll:

Aww.. thank you!

Welcome! Thanks for the compliments.

Lol. Quite possibly true.
Thank you!

Thank you dear!

Lol, he may very well like it better. ;) Thanks!

Thank you!
You'll have to let me know what you think once you see it! =)

Hmm.. hehehe. Thank you!

I try to go at least 3 times a week during summer. I just love it. It's fun and a terrific workout.
I'm usually done after about an hour. Sometimes less.

I'm not very good at swimming though. I'm not very strong, but I try, and it's a good workout. Although I'm usually done after 20 I'm so tired after!

Ms. Lily:
Thank you! =)
Lol. I laughed so hard myself.

Thank you! I am enjoying my new home, for the most part. =)

Spiderman! Bwahaha. =D
Thank you darlin!
Yay! <3

the good doctor:
Lol well thank you! Great advertisement does help. ;)
Glad you enjoyed the vid!

Madame X:
Thanks! Hope y'all have fun. =)

blue :
I thought so but wasn't sure, lol. Thanks!

Lol! =) I'm glad someone else caught that and found it amusing too.

The Bizza :
Spiderman is pretty cool. =)
Yes, it is. I'm glad some guys found it funny too.

Yes it is!
Thank you!

Ro :
Thank you!
Waiting for the theaters to calm is always nice. I generally hate the big crowds but make exceptions now and again, lol.


Rage said...

I really envy your assets.

Can I borrow them.

You're so much more than a normal blog reader my dear!

Happy HNT!

Boo said...

I used to have a Batman shirt like that! You look beautiful, as you always do, my dear. Happy HNT!

TUG said...

Don't tease me like that! I haven't seen the movie yet! (see, get your mind out of the gutter).

HHNT! :)

longingsend said...

hahahah I've seen that video before! BEAUTIFUL AS AWLAYS with the HNT.

xoxoxo mina

Amorous Rocker said...

Aww, hehe. If you can find a way to take some without hurting me, borrow away.
Thank you darlin'. ;)

It's an awesome shirt! =D
Thank you!

Oooh! I can't help it, my mind lives in the gutter, lol. Thank you! =)

Thank you!

Mickey said...


Paul B said...

Beautiful pics!

HHNT belated.

anna louise said...

So beautiful.I love the water too.HHNT