Thursday, July 31, 2008

HNT: Lilies

Monique over at Escape Hatch gifted me with this bloggy award.

Pretty nice huh?

So I'm going to bestow it upon JeannieGrrl, KBear, Weekends Off, Another Suburban Mom, Masquerade, Rage, Pluff, Fairy Flutters, Here I Smile and Samantha. Why? I have no reason. They were picked at random my by pointer courtesy of my blog roll. I thought about picking people on my own but there's no fun in that. People can't get their feelings hurt if I pick a bunch of people at random. I scroll up and down without looking and stop, whomever I land on, I picked. Easy easy. Pluff, this one is for you buddy. It's a little less... girly looking, lol.

My guy sent me flowers. See this post for more on that. I decided to use them to snap a few pictures for HNT. I took plenty with these lovely flowers so you'll be seeing more of them. =) I really prefer the main picture on display over the click this week. I was really happy with how the main one turned out. I'm rarely pleased with my own pictures so that's something for me, lol. I'll try to make it around but the internet situation that I explained in Tuesday's post isn't any better than it has been, lol.




Southern Sage said...


that first pic is the best one you ever posted
damn girl I love that pic!!!

Osbasso said...

They're both wonderful, but that front one is pretty damned good. Ranks right up there with the other ones that you know I like. ;-)

Coy Pink said...

Very pretty!

Kiwiana said...

Hey Awesome pic hon... Hope you keep on smiling!

Mike said...

HHNT to you indeed

Jason said...

very nice :)


Amorous Rocker said...

Hehe. Thank you! I appreciate that. I was really so happy with how that shot turned out. Thanks, lol. =D

Thank you! ;)

coy pink:

Thanks! I hope so too.

Thank you. =)

Amorous Rocker said...

Ah jason! You sneaked in there didn't ya? Lol. Thank you doll! =)

An Artist Exposed said...

That first pic is awesome and arty - love it! HHNT!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Omyhell I am seriosly in luv with this pic of you. You are beyond sexy*beautiful! Oh *WOW*. So soft and pretty and sexy. And I luv that you did it with the flowers he sent you. You are really something else. And thanks 4 bestowing on me (giggle*) too ; )

Luv ya girlie! You're about 10 hrs away from me now I think. Did ya know that? ; ) *muah*

Happy Soooo Dang BEAUTIFUL HNT 2 U Hun

d2b said...

Wonderful pictures, both of them. There's a sensual touch in them that are awesome. You looks so pretty on the first pic!

Happy HNT!

Amorous Rocker said...

an artist:
Thank you! =D

Aww thank you for all your compliments. You always make me blush a little bit in all your ego boosting praising, lol.
Hrmm I didn't know that but I do now! 10 hours? Sheesh.
Thank you!! Hehe. =D

Thank you! Very much. =)

Dana said...

Beautiful flower and an even more beautiful backdrop!


Baby said...

Happy HNT - and how sweeeeeet and wonderful getting flowers - beautiful flower in the photo as well.... You should be pleased with both photos they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

SeaRabbit said...

Lovely!!! And congrats for the award!!

Rage said...

Thanks for the shout out AR!

I love your picture, very delicate. I must admit with Sage, one of the best that you ever posted!

Greg and Sheryl said...

The flowers are lovely, but you are even lovlier. Happy HNT!

~Viemoira~ said...

Wow- what a gorgeous picture; you are so naturally beautiful!

Samantha said...

First thatnks random or not ;O) and what a beautiful pic! Can't wait to see more with the flowers :o)

KBear said...

why thank you! i love my award.
now, i just have to add it to my template. which i dont know how to do:)

love it!:)

love the flowers too. theyre beautiful!

Lilly said...

oh that IS a beautiful photo - i really like both, tho.


smarmoofus said...

That first shot is lovely! So thoughtful. The click through is nice, too. *grins*

Happy HNT! Thanks for dropping by earlier.

Richard, Shhh... said...

Amorous, you look Glamourous!
Front pic superb & Damn, for US!
Thanks - HHNT!

MarcelloNYC said...

Beautiful! Congrats and HHNT!

Maeve said...

I have to agree with you, the first picture is stunning!

the good doctor said...

The first pic is very nice indeed. I find myself liking it over the click-thru as well.
It almost makes me wonder, "What's she thinking about?"

fairyflutters said...

Beautiful lily! Beautiful girl. :)

Pluff said...

A "major award"?! Me?! I'm sorry I was COMPLETELY distracted by your HNT! Such a beautiful picture ;)

Now where was I? Oh yeah! Awesome bloggie. Thanks for my special one! I shall put it in the window for all to see =D

Have a most outstanding HNT day!

Paul B said...

Beautiful pics! You look stunning...


Chica said...

Lilies were the perfect touch. :)

lecram said...

Aye, these are wonderful. Cheers and Happy HNT!

Really hope you'll be able to make the show. :)

Masquerade said...

WOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is the first award I've EVER gotten. I feel so LOVED!!!!!!!!!

BTExpress said...

Two very beautiful pictures. Happy HNT!

Mojo said...

Lovely flower. And the lily's nice too.

Luka said...

It is indeed a gorgeous pic, really lovely.

Ro said...

Two excellent photos but I agree with you: the main pic is wonderful - it really captures something (I'm not clever enough to figure out what!).

It's always worth buying an HNT-participating woman flowers, I think: it generally seems to produce good photos!

Happy HNT - and best of luck with your Net connection!

Amorous Rocker said...

Aww thank you! So sweet.

No problem.
Aww thank you!

Lol. =) Thank you! You'll see more next week probably. ;)

Lol, I can do it for you if you like.
Thank you.

Thank you!
No problem, I enjoy dropping by.;)

Richard, Shhh...:
I think that is the first time I've been called "glamorous" lol. =) Thank you!

the good doctor:
Thank you!
That's what I was going for. =D Yay.

Thank you! Sorry to distract you. ;)
No biggie. I didn't figure you'd wanna display a big pink girly one, lol. =D

Thank you!
If I can, I'll be sure to let you know. =D

Good, you should feel loved, lol. =D

Lol, you're clever enough to know it's got *something* and that's good. =) Thank you! ;)
It does usually produce good photos. You're on to something. Lol.
Thank you!

Dana, SeaRabbit, Greg and Sheryl, ~Viemoira~, Lilly, MarcelloNYC, Maeve, fairyflutters, Paul B, Chica, BTExpress, Mojo & Luka:
Thank you! Y'all are all so nice, lol.=) My ego loves y'all today.

Curvaceous Dee said...

That's such a lovely photo - you have a beautiful face, you know.

HHNT, xx Dee

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

That's just the loveliest--with the lily...

Happy HNT!

Another Suburban Mom said...

The picture is lovely and so are you!

Another Suburban Mom said...

The picture is lovely and so are you!

julie said...

beautiful picture...

Musns said...

I'm honestly going to say I like the front one with the solemn (sp?!) look is my favorite of the two (not that you don't have lovely breasts...)

Wil said...

That is a nice pic there Chick.

Boo said...

Sweetie, this is an absolutely gorgeous picture of you. Frame it and send it to that man of your to display proudly. He deserves to see how much those flowers meant to you first hand, everyday. *smooches*

joyunconfined said...

I love lilies. Tiger lilies especially. They remind me of a dear friend I lost.

Lovely post. Happy HNT :)

Amorous Rocker said...

Curvaceous Dee :
Hehe, thank you very much Miss Dee.

Ms. Inconspicuous:
Thank you. =D

Another Suburban Mom:
Thanks. ;)

Thank you!

Heh, thank you. I like that one better as well. =)

Wil :
Thank you!

Oooh! That is such a good idea. Thank you! And thank you for such wonderful compliments. Xo.

I love lilies. Stargazer's are my favorite. Tiger lilies are lovely too.

not2shy said...

That's a very sweet picture :-)

Ms. Lily said...

Love, love, love these. The color of the lily is beautiful, as well as the girl with them!

~a little late~

sub essence said...

Very pretty! Beautiful flowers.


having my cake said...

Beautiful pics x