Thursday, July 3, 2008

HNT: Shinedown and face punching. =)

First off. I apologize if I ramble, use poor grammar or anything else. I'm super tired right now but I won't have time later on today to post so I'm doing it now. =)

Secondly, the title is actually relevant to the post content. You'll have to read it to find out about the face punching.

My post explaining why my blog got pretty much cleared up and started over got quite a few comments and spawned quite a few more e-mails from people. I didn't do this to start over because I was unhappy with my blog. I do appreciate all the comments and e-mail you've all sent me. I've read them all. You blog world people are some bad ass people. It's because of someone in my real life who found and frequented my blog. I didn't start my blog anew to hurt them, to spite them or to do anything to them. I did it for me. There were too many posts that I couldn't leave up knowing their eyes would see them. I didn't want to quit. I couldn't leave it up. I wasn't making a new blog under a new name because I wouldn't be able to associate with any of y'all for a while in order to keep him from finding me through someone else. I do appreciate the e-mails and concern but please stop saying I shouldn't have let them win. If I had let this fellow win, I would have quit my blog entirely, gave up my identity and started all over. Not happening. I may be more cautious in what I post for a while but I'm sure I'll get passed that. Moving on.

Wednesday night Boyfriend, myself and my sister went to see one of mine and sister's favorite bands, Shinedown. We got there before the doors opened to get our tickets that were waiting at will call. We waited in line outside for a bit for the doors to open. We were early. We ended up standing along the safety barrier. If you've been to a show, you know the one I mean. It's the barrier two feet from the stage that keeps you and the bands separated. It was fucking awesome.

First band, sucked ass. Really badly.

Second band, pretty damn good. Seriously entertaining between songs too. It was a pretty nice set. They were called EndEverAfter. I enjoyed them, music and other wise, lol.

Shinedown came on. During EEA, this girl standing behind my sister kept shoving in to her and trying to move her off the barrier. She was also trying to get in her back pants pockets. She put her hand in Boyfriend's pocket twice and almost got smacked the second time because he didn't realize who was doing it. Bitch. I knew she was going to hardcore try and shove my sister out of the way as soon as Shinedown came on. I had my sister switch with me on the rail really quick. The girl, who was all of 5'4" and weighed about 290/300 tried to shove in as we quickly changed. Didn't make it, I know how to work at a show, hehe. She did get her arm under me and onto the top part of the barrier. She had her arm underneath my arm and resting on the bar. There was no room for her to squeeze in anywhere so she just wanted one of us to give up our sports. As she had her arm under me, she was shoving me and the guy next to me trying to get us to move. He told her three times to get off of us and quit trying to move us out of the way. She screamed something at him. He smashed her hand to try and keep her from crushing into either of us more. She didn't move her hand. I was bracing myself hard against the rail because she was trying to shove me sideways to knock me off. I wasn't having that. I managed to push a couple inches away from the barrier and help my place there while she still slammed in to me all while keeping an iron grip on the rail. She was really pissing me off. I expect to get bumped in to during a standing room only show. I don't mind. I rarely go to a show and don't get standing room tickets. I like being on the floor. I hate seats. She was being ridiculous however. I was getting pissed. The guy next to me who was totally cool was getting pissed. She tried to stomp down on my foot by getting her leg between my legs and I kicked the shit out of her to get her off of me. She backed up a little and then rammed her whole body in to me again. I was bracing myself and kept pushing her back every time she slammed into me. The guy finally had enough and shoved her back hard. Not hard enough though because she still had a grip on the rail and was using her arm attached to the rail to knock into my side. She punched him in the back of the head, then on the shoulder and slammed into both of us again. I was getting pissed because she was intentionally doing it. I went down a couple inches, got my shoulder under her arm and then shot up quick to break her hold on the rail and to get her arm out from being between my side and arm. She got pissed off, charged into us again and we both pushed her back again. Then she sucker punched the left side of my face from behind me and then punched the guy in the back of the shoulder then. I whirled around, temper freaking out full force and was ready to deck this girl. The cool guy that was getting hit too put his arm over me, told me chill, not to do anything and let him move her back. I was so pissed my hands were shaking. The security guy watching saw her, jumped up quick and told her to get the fuck out. She tried to argue that we were the ones starting it and he told her she was full of it, he had been watching the whole thing go down and she was going to leave. She starts screaming and cussing at him telling him she's not leaving. He told her again to get the fuck out, she was leaving. She starts swinging and cussing more and tells the big security to come make her fucking leave. So he hopped down, went down a little and then there he was pulling her away. She started apologizing and crying, she just wanted to be on the rail to be a whopping 3 inches closer than she already was. It didn't matter, she got escorted out by two security guards and that was that. That ended around the same time Shinedown's first song ended so we got to see the rest of their set no problems.

The thing about the rail is you have to get there early and not move if you get on it. Tons of people want on it because it's the closest you can get. If she hadn't been trying to pick-pocket my boyfriend, then pick-pocket and shove my sister around, then acted like a bitch towards me, I probably would have tried to find a way to make room for her if she had handled it better. When she started shoving my sister trying to get her to move, no band was even playing. It was while they were tearing down the other band's stuff and starting sound checks for Shinedown. There was no fucking need for that kind of shit. We did make a little room for another girl to try and work her way on. She was nice about it and there was maybe an inch and a half of extra space for her to work with. The weird, rude guys to the right moved a little so she could turn sideways and be on.

The show was amazing. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. My sister had an awesome time. Boyfriend had a good time too. It's been such a long time since I've gone to a good concert. I love going. It's one of my absolute favorite things. It makes me so so so so very happy. More so than almost anything else.

On to HNT. Yes, it's different. Read above and read my post. Here's 3 I got of the band. I got many more when I remembered I wanted to take some. I'm only posting 3 for now so I can sleep soon, hehe. Then there's 2 of me goofing off between sets.

Lastly, my dad and other brother are in from CA. They got here Wednesday. I won't be replying to many comments or getting to check out a lot of blogs. We're having a big celebration on Friday with tons of family. I have stuff to get done tomorrow and I'm sure there's other things I can help with. I also want to spend some time with my grandparents, brother and dad. Busy busy BUSY freaking weekend coming up. I'll pretty much be at my mom's house from here on out since the celebration is next door at my aunt's. ;) Aye. I won't be around much at all. =) Thanks to everyone who played Wednesday Weirdness this week, I'll get around to commenting WW, HNT and my own blog comments and emails when I can. ;)

Thursday! =)
And have a great weekend too!


Southern Sage said...

well damn that sure sounds exciting!
Happy 4th!
hope your long weekend with ur fam is great

fairyflutters said...

Damn! I wish you'd clocked that bitch! The freakin' gall of some people, I swear!

Glad she got removed. I bet she was pissed after all that. Her own fault though.

I totally don't blame you on the whole stalker reading your blog thing. I would do the same. In fact, I check my statcounter regularly to make sure no locals have stumbled upon me! Ha ha! :) It just ruins something I think when IRL peeps you know read your blog. Not sure why strangers don't bother me. :P

Ms. Lily said...

I am sooOooOo jealous I love Shinedown. At least the bitch was gone for the good parts.

Happy fourth and HNT!

Biscuit's HNT said...

Beautiful, even when just goofing off!

That chick had to be kicking herself in the ass big time. I totally laughed that she missed the show altogether because she couldn't be satisfied with being a few inches back.

the good doctor said...

I think you handled it quite well. It's a shame you didn't get to clock the bitch for sucker-punching you. But I guess her getting booted was a bit more satisfying, if not gratifying.

Lilly said...

What a bitch, I hate people like that. Good thing for the guy next to you though, so that she got kicked out and you got to stay where you rightfully belonged.

You lead such an exciting life ;)


Baby said...

Hey glad they got rid of that girl - such a pain in the arse when there is some spoil sport at concerts!!!! I love Shinedown - lucky you!!! Happy HNT - and have a great weekend!!!

Jason said...

HHNT and 4th of July !!!

Osbasso said...

You strike me as the type who would probably kick some ass if things really got down to it! Glad you had a great time!

Knowing what I know of your "situation", I think you're handling it quite well here!

And you KNOW I love the roses!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Have a great weekend. Sorry to hear that the chick behind you was being a dick! Who needs that? I am glad you kept your cool though...I would not have. I would have wailed on her big time.

Happy HNT


Boo(duh) said...

Hey sexy girl! Don't let anyone get to you. I'd do the same thing in your shoes. ^_^ I'll never understand some people's sense of entitlement. Glad you had fun at the concert, and I think these are great HNT shots! Happy 4th, honey!

Pluff said...

Heh.. like I always say... don't start nuthin... won't BE nuthin... I LOVE seeing asshats like that chick get booted! Glad you had fun. I tend to stay pissed about that kind of shit for too long after.

Have a good 4th and HHNT!

Vixen said...

You rock. I admire you so much! LOL And I find it oddly satisfying that that chick got thrown out. All that to get 3 in closer and what it actually got her was thrown out. *snort*

*muah* chickie!

Ronnie said...

This is the first i've gotten to see of your 'new' blog. Looks good!

Shinedown would be so awesome to see! Part of me wishes you had clocked that bitch in the fact, but you might have gotten kicked out too if you had.

Dial-Up Princess said...

have a good weekend!!

Madame X said...

What an exciting night! Yummy goes to concerts like that where there's lots of shoving, punching, etc. He's yet to take me for fear that this little ole farm girl wouldn't be able to hold her own. Ha! Happy HNT!

Luka said...

Isn't it great when people actually get what they deserve for once, and end up out on their arse? Glad you got to enjoy the rest of the concert without being slammed into.


Lil Bit said...

Yikes, sorry 'bout a RL person giving you grief over YOUR space.... You hit on my biggest fear w/blogging w/that, girl. Yikes!!!

Kiss ass! =)

Mariposa said...

I'm smiling for you...have a great weekend sweetie!


Rage said...

Great pictures!

Sounds like a good time!

Thanks for the explanation at the beginning of the post. I am sure more people will be at ease now, knowing a little more of the situation.

Renee said...

I love Shinedown and EEA! Lucky!!(said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

Gosh, I was hoping for an HNT pic of you punching that bitch. These ones will do though. ;)

Bad Bad Girl said...

I read this post but I can't remember if I commented. Crazy concert goers!!!

I added you on Twitter (both accounts I think.)


jGrrl said...

Wow, I'm not a violent person but that chick might have made me change my views, for sure.

Amorous Rocker said...