Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday was Boyfriend's birthday. We did the big celebrating on Saturday night. Scroll down if you want to read about that. =) Yesterday for his actual birthday, he decided he wanted to go to dinner at this little Italian place that's a couple minutes away. Family owned and operated, nothing big or fancy. The place usually kicks so much ass. They have pizza that puts most big chains to shame right along with pasta dishes and desserts that do the same. Or so they used to. Some issues happened though. The person who controlled the recipes and did a lot of the cooking had problems with a family member and it came to the cook leaving and starting his own restaurant about 45 minutes away. We went to that one when we went to that town to hang out with some friends of ours. We've gone there a few times actually, each time with our friends. It's always so good. One of the places where you get too much food and it's so delicious that you want to keep eating even after you're full just so all that goodness doesn't go to waste. Anyway, we didn't think that the one closer to Boyfriend's house would suck now just because one person is gone. We were wrong. They went from having fettuccine alfredo that was topped with hot, real grilled chicken. The Tyson's chicken in a pouch mystery chicken. The more the minutes passed and the food cooled, the worse it tasted. My pizza was pretty good. My only gripe was the sauce was actually really sweet tasting. I don't want to taste sugar in my pizza. I know there is sugar in some ingredients but I don't want to bite in and automatically taste a big sweetness. The food ended up making BF sick to his stomach a little while later. That place used to be awesome. The parking lot was always packed. Eat in their during dinner hours and it would be hard to get a good seat because all the good ones were going to be full. We ate during their dinner rush and the place got maybe half full as they got their busy rush. I'd noticed lately, it was much less packed all the time. Still busy enough but not like it used to always be. I put that to things being so expensive and people not having the money to go out and eat, even at reasonably priced places. I think now, after eating there again, the decrease in their business just might be something else, hehe. ;)

Boyfriend, myself, CL and his dad all went to go see Wanted last night.

I am going to be the first person I know to not say it was a completely badass movie. I think I might even be the first person I've heard say something other than, "OMG it was fucking awesome man!" Everyone I heard leaving the theater was full of praise. The few blogs that talked about it that I have read went on about how spectacular it was. That's fine, to each their own. I wasn't that impressed by the way. I went in thinking it was going to suck though and it didn't suck. So I was happy that it was better than I expected it to be. I just fail to see the "badassness" of the movie. I know, badassness isn't a word BUT I used it anyway. Deal. Mmkay. ;) Like I said, it didn't suck. My biggest issue with it was that all the parts that were supposed to be like "OMG I never saw that shit coming" were totally predictable. In my opinion. Kinda ruins it when you know it's coming ya know? I won't be specific because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is going to go see it any time soon, lol. Even though I saw the ending coming, I still enjoyed that. I liked most of the shooting scenes. A lot of stuff in the movie is physically impossible to do and that's entertaining but only to a point with me. After so much of it I'm just thinking, "Geez really? Come on!" The other thing is the way they come up with their hits to kill is insanely stupid. I laughed at it as soon as it was explained in the movie. I think I was the only one but pfft, seriously? Lol. I did like some parts of the movie, aside from the gun shooting scenes. I wouldn't pay to see it another time. I wouldn't buy it on DVD. I would watch it again if someone else purchased it and put it on. =)

I really like my new color scheme and layout here. I had been wanting to re-vamp it a little bit anyway for the last few months. I just had a reason too now. You know what gets me? People who think they are sooo so clever that they are just above every one. More so when they really aren't that clever at all. It's amusing as hell in an ironic I'd still punch your face in because you're so stupid kind of way. =D

Happy Monday y'all!


Rage said...

Sorry the pizza thing didn't work out.

I think this movie was the one where there was all the speculation with Angelina Jolie having an eating disorder. Also, her mom croaked off around that time too I think. AJ lost a lot of weight during the filming of this movie.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Sorry about the bad chicken. I hate the processed chicken.

And thanks for saving me $9.00. Most appreciated.

The Covert Lover said...

I don't do Italian at ALL - but I feel for 'ya just the same, especially with it being on BF's b-day!
I'll wait for "Wanted" to come out in Redbox and use one of their weekly free promo codes to rent it. :)
I am still cracking up at your very last sentence! lol

C. said...

Yum...italian food. But too bad it wasn't what you were expecting. It sucks when you know a place is great and it turns out yuck.

I'm not an Angelina fan, so I don't think I'll be going see the movie. Thank you for the tip!

Amorous Rocker said...

It's cool. =)
Hm. I dunno. She's always seemed really skinny to me, lol.

I do too! I can't stand the stuff.
No problem. Happy to help! =)

I love Italian food. Just not from there now, lol.
That sounds like a good idea.
Lol. =D Hehe.

Mmmhmm. I hate when that happens.
I'm not a Jolie fan either most of the time. I like a couple movies she's in though.

KBear said...

the only thing that i really really liked about the movie, was the sort of "twist" at the end, and the people weren't who they were supposed to be or who you thought they were. those who saw the movie should know what im talking about.

im sick of jolie though. im sick of her playing the badass role. she needs some variety dude!