Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Drove

I sat at home feeling trapped. These walls felt like anxiety and containment instead of comfort and peace.

I got in my car and I drove. To where, I had no idea. I had no destination and no where to be.

I drove with the windows down letting the warm evening air tear through my hair, leaving my short locks tangled and wild.

I turned the music up loud enough to drown out every thought in my head. They couldn't scream louder than the music and I took comfort in that.

I drove far away from home watching as the tall buildings and shopping centers lessened until there were no more.

I drove until the crowded roads thinned out as the cars around me were fewer and fewer.

I drove and watched as the evening sky turned from a pale blue to shades of orange, red and purple.

I drove until the houses around me turned into nothing but fields and farmland.

I drove until I had no idea where I was and then I kept going.

I drove until I could see nothing around me but darkness and stars. I let that darkness wash over me, let it envelope me wholly.

Some people don't like the night but I do. The dark, star filled sky feels like home more than my own home does sometimes. I feel free instead of trapped in my own skin.

I don't have to smile in the dark. I don't have to think of things to say in the dark. I don't have to pretend in the dark. In the dark, I can just be myself, even when who I am feels heavier and darker than the blackest night sky.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I exist.

CN: Harassment, assault.
Very long post.

I'm so tired of seeing people say things such as "but what was she doing that caused the man to harass her" or "she probably provoked or lead him on in some way" as if provocation is an acceptable reason for harassment and/or violence against another human. As if there's reason to blame the victim. As if there's any way to justify a person harming or threatening to harm a human being that isn't doing anything to harm another.

Example: I was at a club with my boyfriend and a friend. I left them at a table to go to the restroom which happened to be upstairs and on the other side of the club. I was at the elevator waiting for it to come down when a guy at a table near the elevator got my attention and motioned for me to come over to him. I stayed where I was and he tried to call me over again. I was a little drunk and for some reason thought he must have thought I was a waitress. I informed him I didn't work there and willed the elevator to hurry the hell up. He got angry. "Bitch I know you don't work here. Get the fuck over here." I declined and told him to leave me alone. He stood up and said, "bitch bring your ass over here" and started moving towards me. The elevator finally came down but I nearly ran in my heels back to our table so I could get my boyfriend so I could hopefully go back and get safely to the restroom. As I walked back up to the elevator this man stood up again and started to address me again before he noticed Shane standing there. He sat back down and left me alone. Later, this man followed us out to the patio and didn't address me. He apologized to Shane because this guy didn't realize I was there with a man already and said he wouldn't have said anything to me had he known. Shane told him I was the one that deserved the apology. The guy mumbled at me before going back inside.

Another instance. I was at a BBQ. A guy I had only met when I had arrived with a friend to this BBQ came to sit next to me on the bench I was sitting on. My friend was on the other side of the yard playing volleyball and I was just relaxing and people watching. We talked for a little while mostly about sports and music. He said something funny and I started laughing. Then his hand was in my hair and he was sitting much closer to me. I told him to stop touching my hair. He did but then put his hand on my knee. I told him not to put his hands on me at all. He asked me if I wanted to go to his car and "have some fun." I told him I didn't and told him he had the wrong idea. I told him I was not interested. He put his hand on my thigh and asked if I was sure and told me we've been having a good time so far. I removed his hand for him and told him not to lay a hand on me again. I got up to go join my friend and he grabbed my arm to stop me. He asked if I was seriously leaving him there after he had just spent a whole twenty minutes talking to me. I again told him I wasn't interested and didn't want to continue spending time with him and told him to let go of me. "If you see me naked, you'll change your mind" was his response to that. He tightened his grip on my arm and I remember leaning down quickly, pressing my other arm into his throat and telling him to let go of my arm. He immediately let go and called me a crazy whore before shoving me away from him and moving away.

Another instance. I was walking through an outdoor shopping center when two men tried to call me over to them. I ignored them. They continued catcalling and yelling at me. I told them politely that I'm not interested. They started following me. They don't stop when I tell them I'm really not interested and request they leave me alone. They still follow me and started insulting me, angry that I wouldn't give them time and attention. I ducked into a large retail store, scared and looking for security. The two men didn't follow me into the store but they loiter around outside on the sidewalk while I figure out what to do. I call the police. No one ever came. I didn't go to another store and started shaking once I got back into my car and locked the door.

Last example. I was in a bar with a group of friends. I was dancing with one of my friends while our other friends played darts and pool. A guy that was friends with one of my friends older brother came up behind me and started dancing. I had met this guy before at a house party but didn't really know him. Dude started grinding up against me immediately. I put space between us and told him I didn't want him touching me. He responded with, "well you're in a club dancing so you're basically inviting people to be on you." He tried to close the space between us and I again moved away telling him to stop and telling him to leave me alone. He said something about me playing hard to get and was back on me. I shoved him away from me. He grabbed me by the hair and spat in my face. I grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm around hard to get my hair released from his grasp. He cursed at me and started screaming. A bouncer came over to seperate us and then my friends and I are kicked out of the club 2 minutes later. Creepy guy happened to be friends with the man that managed that club. We left and dude followed us outside to call us names and taunt us for a moment before his manager buddy came out to collect him. I was 18 when this happened and it was the first time I'd experienced something like that. Unfortunately it wasn't also the last.

I have dozens upon dozens of stories of men yelling at me, men catcalling me, men threatening me, men getting angry because I wouldn't give them the time and attention they felt entitled to, men harassing me, men stalking me, men reacting violently and men ignoring and disrespecting me and the boundaries I set.

And there are people that still want to ask, "well what did you do to provoke them?"

Exist. I exist and that's enough. People have it in their heads that men NEED some kind of provocation, some kind of reason for doing things like this. Maybe because it's easier than accepting that it can happen to anyone and without provocation, just because. Because someone felt entitled to time and attention from another person. Because someone felt they'd earned something they were being denied. Because someone simply wanted to.

There is no excuse for harassment and violence. Stop making excuses and placing blame on anyone and/or anything that isn't the person comitting these acts as they're the person that should be held accountable for their actions and choices.

Friday, May 27, 2016

"Music doesn't have to be so fucking dramatic."

Words I heard from someone today: "I hate how people make music such a dramatic thing, it's just music you don't have to attach so much meaning and drama to a fucking song. You can just listen to it and enjoy the artistry without making it a big, emotional deal."

That's definitely not the first time I've heard or directly been told that, either. To that, I say....

Yes, yes you can JUST ENJOY MUSIC as is without attaching any meaning or emotions to it. Some songs, that's all I do. Ellie Goulding's "Lights", Billy Joel's "The River of Dreams" and Opeth's "The Grand Conjuration" are three of my favorite songs to just listen to and enjoy. They're all very different songs about vastly different things and I just enjoy them.

Then there are other songs that do inspire emotional reactions.

I cannot bring myself to listen to Linkin Park's "My December" because it reminds me of a friend that died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. We listened to that song so many times because she loved to hear me sing along with it and she also loved the song. The first time I heard it after she died, I had to pull the car over because I completely lost my composure and sat in a gas station parking lot sobbing for 10 minutes. All I could think about was her and how ironically she'd said a few weeks before she died that she wanted to get some of the lyrics from that song tattooed on her arm as a graduation gift because she was going to get through nursing school despite the dozens of obstacles in her way. I remember how she had laughed and said she had better live a long damn laugh after all the years she's spent in school and all the hard work it took to finish highschool and get through nursing school all while raising a beautiful baby girl. I remembered how her face lit up when she listened to me sing that song fir the first time. She said I put all the right emotions into the words that she felt the most and that made her feel better about everything because it made her realize she wasn't so alone because we were both lost and struggling with the same things in different circumstances. I still get a little sad and miss her whenever I stumble across that song so I skip passed it and don't listen to it.

I can't listen to another song, one by a band I absolutely love, because that was the song an ex boyfriend had on loop the night I found him on his bathroom floor covered in blood because he had tried to kill himself. I had to unplug his boombox to get that song to stop playing because it was stuck on repeat and I couldn't change it. I hear that song and it reminds me of that because that's an incredibly vivid memory I have involving the song and that's not something I want to think about or relive in my mind again.

I get that some people would think it's ridiculous to refuse to listen to a song because of memories it brings up or because of emotions it evokes. I get that some people don't connect the dots between music and moments. That some people don't involved emotion with the music. I get that for some people music is just noise to fill the silence. I'm not one of those people.

It's not even just connecting with the words of a song. Sometimes I hear a guitar solo on a blues guitar that fills me with so much joy that I feel like my chest might explode. Or I'll hear someone play something on a piano that's so beautiful and soulful that I end up filled with the emotion the artist is channeling into their music. Sometimes when I play piano, it's for fun. Sometimes it's because I need to express something but I can't find the words so I let my fingers dance across the keys until I feel better.

For me, music is a lot of things. It is fun and enjoyable and doesn't always have a lot of meaning in it. Then sometimes I hear a song that so beautifully articulates thoughts or feelings I have or an experience I'm going through or have gone through and it becomes an emotional thing for me. Sometimes I can't find the right words to express how I feel but then there's a song that expresses it all perfectly and I feel connected to that song. Even if it's someone I'll never meet, hearing words that I relate to so personally helps me feel less alone in any given situation. Which has helped me feel like I could keep going more times than I can count. I'm incredibly passionate about music so it's next to impossible to just leave my emotions at the door sometimes. 

So, when someone tells me I need to "stop being so dramatic" about music and "just enjoy it", I can't help but laugh a little bit.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Toys For Tots Fundraiser #7, Final Post!


Here is the final Toys for Tots post for 2015! This might not look like a ton of toys but that's in part to my amazing placement skills. This year was the biggest year yet in terms of funds collected and toys purchased! 

This year makes the 7th year in a row that I've done the TFT Fundraiser. I LOVE doing this each year and am so happy I took the chance to see what would happen that first year back in 2009. It's a lot of work but it's so worth it and I couldn't do it on such a large scale without so many awesome people supporting me through paypal, cash and toy donations. This year I was also able to round up some awesome prizes to give away to all the awesome people that donated something which made me even more happy. I appreciate you all so much. I really wouldn't be able to buy this many toys without all of you helping out. 

This years totals: 

184 toys

That averages out to about $5 per toy. I'm so serious every year when I say it only takes $5 to make a difference and help.

A few people have asked how the shopping part works and also about the items I buy so I'm going to explain a little bit. Skip this next two paragraphs if you're not interested in reading that. ;)

I plan it out so I can take advantage of sales and coupons so I can really maximize the amount of toys I get with the money raised. I actually do a lot of planning with this so I can stretch every dollar. Each shopping trip also takes me at least 90 minutes to get through so I can carefully look through everything and take advantage of any coupons, sales or deals I have available to me. This year, I waited until Target was doing a buy one get one 50% off sale that included brands like Barbie, Marvel and Disney. 

Another question a good number of people have asked about is why I include makeup, nail polish kits and items that look geared towards "older kids." That's because most TFT campaign sites are able to assist children up to the age of 12 and nail polish, make up, craft kits, model car kits and board games are things they request but tend to not get a lot of. Also, several local communities (mine included) offer extended support for ages 13-16. Most people tend to focus on younger children and the 10+ age range ends up being the group they need more things for because they don't get much donated for that age range. They do use their cash and online donations to help fill in the gaps wherever the needs are as well but I like to include a variety of everything.

If you want to see final results of the fundraiser from years passed, you can check all of those out here:

The final results from 2009: Here
The final results from 2010: Here
The final results from 2011: Here 
The final results from 2012: Here
The final results from 2013: Here
The final results from 2014: Here

Ready for some 2015 pictures? Of course if we're Facebook friends, you may have already seen these since I uploaded them there the day I delivered the toys. I've been so busy with work (because bakery jobs in December are HELL) that I haven't had time to get this up here yet. I've been doing it a little at a time as I've had the free time. 
























If you want to see the full album then just *click here* to take a look at the Toys for Tots 2015 Flickr album to view the rest of them. I think there are 60 photos total. 

As for the prize giveaway, most of the prizes were mailed out last week (or given out for the people I know IRL that won stuff) although there are still a few I need to get sent out (I promise, soon!) to people. 

I want to say thank you (again) to those of you that donated this year. Whether it was the first year you donated or the third or the seventh, thank you so much! Whether it was $5, $10, $25, $50 or more; it doesn't matter. I appreciate it and I know the families that benefit from Toys for Tots doing what they do appreciate it, too. I have so much fun being able to do this. I've donated to Toys for Tots since I was a little kid and my mom let us each buy a couple toys of our choosing to give to them and kept doing so for as long as I can remember.  So blame her for getting me started into this one. ;) Doing it on such a large scale the last 7 years has been so awesome. I couldn't do it without all of your help so thank you. I also want to say thank you to everyone who posted on their blogs, tweeted links, pestered people on Facebook and otherwise badgered told their friends and readers alike about what I had going on in hopes of getting more donations. To everyone who donated or helped in some way... thanks so much! You're wonderful and I heart you. :) 

Until next time!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Toys for Tots Fundraiser & Prize Give Away 2015!


It's Toys for Tots time! For the SEVENTH YEAR in a row!  :) I really can't believe it's been 7 years since I started doing this but here we are. I've gotten so much help and support through the years from some amazing people. I wouldn't have the success I do without each of you so I hope you all know how much I appreciate your help. We have around 5 weeks this year because I'm not procrastinating as hard as I did last year and I'm in a much better place than I was this time last year.

This year will also be a little different than previous years because this year, everyone that donates will be entered into a contest to win some gift cards. For every $5 you donate, you get an entry into the contest. So $5 gives you one entry into the drawing of your choice. $20 is 4 entries into the drawing(s) of your choice. I say drawings because I have gift cards and some rad handmade items to give away and if you get multiple entries, you can either put them all towards one thing or split them up between multiple things. 

Give away items:

$25 Game Stop Gift card
$15 Studio Movie Grill gift card
5 $25 Sonic Drive-In gift cards
$20 Tiff's Treats gift card
$50 Tiff's Treats gift card
$20 Amazon.com gift card
$25 Target gift card
$25 Barnes & Noble gift card
$25 Twisted Root gift card
$25 Best Buy gift card (digital, will be transferred via email)
$15 Starbucks gift card
Mini Viva La Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture
Too Faced Stardust palette 
Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box
Urban Decay Smoked palette
6 sets of Cinemark movie passes (2 passes per set)
Handmade soy candle trio in Key Lime scent, 2 large, 1 mini
Handmade knit scarf (I'll post a picture once I receive it)
6 Sweet Boxes (one dozen fresh baked cookies)
Handmade soap set in Citrus Punch, Spearmint Scrub and Cinnamon Oatmeal

Displaying 20151130_162839.jpg

Some of these gift cards are to local businesses so only people that live locally will benefit from trying to win them. And of course the physical items will be fine for anyone to try and win. And there are a few more items I'm working on adding to the list of give aways. (If you want to be generous and donate something to be given away, contact me at amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com)

Drawing will be held after the fundraiser ends in mid-December and items will be shipped out to the winners in January. Winners will have a week from drawing day to claim their prize and provide shipping information before another winner will be selected. 

Once you donate, I'll need to know which item you want to be put into contention for and you can do that by emailing me to let me you donated and then letting me know which item (or items depending on the amount of entries you get) you want to be entered in for.

I need to have the donation turned into the Toys for Tots warehouse by December 12th so they have plenty of time for sorting everything out and delivery. So we have around 5 weeks this year to get going! I’ll probably go shopping for toys on December 11th so I’ll need all PayPal donations in by December 9th at the very latest. Then the 12th I’ll be taking everything out to the warehouse for delivery.

The usual:

Every year I donate some toys to Toys for Tots. I pick and choose other things to donate to as well through out the year. I don't think I can make a big dent of change in the world but I can do little things to make things a little better for other people. Be it with toys during the holidays, money for food, donating clothing, etc. I bitch about things that I wish I could fix but really, all that bitching does nothing if you're not willing to step up and do something to help make it better. So, I do what I can when I can to help out. It makes me feel good to know I've done something good and I help out with a lot of different things.

In 2009, I got an idea to do a Blogger Toys for Tots Fundraiser. I got the idea damn late it the year though so there wasn't much time to work with for Toys for Tots. I did it again in 2010 , in 2011 in 20122013 and last year in 2014 as well. And now I'm doing it again this year. Don't know what Toys for Tots is? Let me inform you before I get on with the rest of the post.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity is the fund raising, funding and support organization for the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation was created at the behest of the U. S. Marine Corps and provides support in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, who directs the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation has supported Toys for Tots since 1991.

The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

Like I said, I donate something every year. Sometimes in toys and sometimes in money. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Sometimes I don't have much money to spare but I do a little bit anyway because I know even if I'm hurting a little, some little kid and their family is hurting more. I prefer doing toys, though. I like going in to a store and picking out toys that I know will make some little kids happy. I never see the kids who get these but I always wonder if they liked what they got or if they were just happy for something, anything.

In 2009, 2010, 2011, 20122013 and 2014 I did a Fundraiser for Toys for Tots on my blog. The results were far better than I had expected in 2009 and they were amazing in 2010 and surprised me yet again in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. I was beyond touched at all of the help and support I've received with this endeavor year after year. I got so many people who donated little amounts and it all added up to so many toys that I went and purchased. I take plenty of pictures and get it well documented on the blog because it's important to me (and lots of you!) to get pictures to show that I was doing as I said I would. I had so much fun going to get the toys in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. 

This year, I'm doing it again. :)

The final results from 2009: Here
The final results from 2010: Here

The final results from 2011: Here 
The final results from 2012: Here
The final results from 2013: Here

The final results from 2014: Here

If you want to see more posts with more details and pictures, then just click here or go to the Toys for Tots tab at the top of the blog on the tabs section.

On the right side of this blog on the side section above my profile, you will find that there is a PayPal donation button there. There's also a Toys For Tots tab up above that.  The email address you can paypal donations to is amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com. Easy peasy, eh? :)

If you want to donate money to help buy toys for Toys for Tots, just use that or CLICK HERE.

I will take all the money that gets donated and go buy toys. For proof that I'm doing what I say I'll be doing with the donations, there will yet again be pictures of the toys as I buy them and pictures of all those said toys being loaded into the car and more upon being delivered to a Toys for Tots location once I'm done with the fundraiser.

I know some people see this and think about donating but think they only have $5 or $10 to spare and think that's not worth it. Well, that's incorrect because through the years I've received tons of $5 and $10 donations! Every little bit adds up to something bigger!

With $5 I can buy an action figure, toy cars, Legos, a stuffed animal, various kinds of dolls, PlayDoh sets and various other things. $5 will buy a toy and in some cases more than one toy. I can get 8 or 9 Hot Wheels cars on $10 so no amount would be too small. If 15 people donate 5 dollars, I have $75 and that will buy quite a few toys to brighten a child's day. You can do something to help and leave all the work up to me.

And yes, I know Christmas isn't about the toys and other presents but imagine being 7 and not looking forward to waking up Christmas morning because Santa couldn't bring you anything this year. It's a bummer.

If you want, please feel free to post about this on your blog with links and send people over. I would appreciate that quite a bit. If you do pimp this post out on your blog, email me after you do so with the post link so I can include you in a post that's to come later on. Also feel free to tweet about it or post it on Facebook. A few dollars from a lot of different people goes a long way. :)

This post will stay at the top of the blog for quite a while. Actually, it will be up at the top until the time I'm done with the fundraiser. The cut off date to take donations via paypal will be December 10th. I'll go shopping and deliver the toys by the 13th. I know that there isn't a lot of time for this (as I touched on previously) this year but any amount is better than nothing at all in my opinion.

There's also a tab Toys for Tots at the top of the blog if you want to go check out all the previous posts and pictures from the previous two years.

The tab just has pretty much what this post has plus links to the posts I did last year including all of the pictures as well as a donation link.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza of 2015!

Before I get to the cookie exchange post, I have to note that today is the last day to get your paypal donations on for my 7th annual Toys for Tots holiday fundraiser and prize giveaway! A $5 donation is all it takes to get you into the prize giveaway going on this year for everyone that's donated. Every $5 is another entry to the giveaway towards the prize of your choice or you can split your entries to multiple things if you want to. Check out the giveaway details and see pictures from the previous 6 years of fundraisers here: Toys for Tots 2015!

I did my first round of toy shopping last weekend. Here's a peek at how that went: 

I'll be doing my next round of shopping and delivering all the toys from both rounds to the Toys for Tots warehouse this weekend. Even if you can only donate $5, that helps! That's one more toy for another kiddo this holiday season. Plus, it gets you an entry to the prize giveaway. Win win!

Okay, on to the EXTRAVAGANZA!

It's time for The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza of 2015!

This is Jz's SIXTH YEAR hosting the cookie exchange so after you've checked mine out, check out the links that follow to check out the good stuff all of the other participants are putting up today!

I'm not putting up cookies this year, I'm doing something a little different. 

I've made this treat a few times and they've been a hit every time. Most recently at a party last weekend where I made 50 bite sized versions and people were inhaling them. No greater compliment than that when it comes to food.

Fruity Pebbles Treats 


  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup white chocolate chips, melted
  • 1 package (10 oz., about 40) JET-PUFFED Marshmallows
  • 6 cups Fruity Pebbles cereal


1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add vanilla and melted white chocolate, whisk until smooth. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.

2. Add Fruity Pebbles cereal and mix until combined well. I spray my wooden spoon or spatula with non-stick cooking spray lightly, it keeps everything from sticking as much.

3. Use a spatula or wax paper (again, lightly spray with cooking spray to keep from sticking) evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan coated with cooking spray.

4. Let them cool completely before cutting into them. 


This also works well with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Make it the same way but instead of adding in melted white chocolate, I added in two tbsp of caramel syrup and they were fantastic.

Other participants, check them out! 
Bleu (private blog, also posted here)
little monkey (private blog, also posted here)

I'll be around after work today to check out everyone's yummies. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Facts

I got challenged to post 10 facts about me around a month ago. I've put it off for a little bit now but since someone is starting to pester me about doing her challenge, I'm going to get it done so she'll stop bugging me about doing it. *heart emoji goes here*

Fact #1: I hate avocado. In any and every form possible. I don't want it on my sandwich, I don't want it in a dip, I don't want slices of it breaded then deep fried, I don't want slices of it on my tacos, I don't want your guacamole near my precious tortilla chips, I don't want it in my chicken tortilla soup, I don't want it in my healthy smoothie, I don't want it anywhere near me.  

Fact #2: That dark gloomy day where the weather is just dark clouds, no sunshine and possibly some rain, thunder and lightning? I love those days most. I love rain and the gloomy weather always feels completely comforting to me.

Fact #3: I consume a lot of 2% milk but I never actually drink it. I just eat cereal a lot. Really, A LOT. For breakfast, for lunch, sometimes for dinner when my boyfriend's working late, sometimes late night snacks. Some days I'll eat cereal multiple times that day. Not because it's easy and I'm lazy, I just really like cereal and like almost any kind of cereal. I have 6 boxes of cereal on hand right now and none of them are being neglected.

Fact #4: I hate uncooked tomatoes unless it's salsa. I love salsa. Give me all your salsa. Unless it's mild or tamer in heat, then you can keep it.

Fact #5: I have small hands. My mittens or gloves pretty much have to be purchased from the kid's section otherwise they'll be too big. On the plus side, kid sized mittens are way cheaper than the slightly larger adult versions so I can usually buy 2 or 3 pairs for what 1 adult pair would cost me.

Fact #6: I got a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle slippers (Raphael, to get specific) last year for a party I went to in pajamas. I got them for that party specifically because I never really wore slippers before, including slippers that had been given to me as gifts. I wear my TMNT slippers all the damn time. 

Fact #7: I put hot sauce on an obscene amount of things. My blood probably has traces of Cholula in it. 

Fact #8: I don't like pumpkin spice anything but give me salted caramel things or gingerbread things and I will (probably) eat all the things or drink all the things. Unless they're gross, then you can keep them. 

Fact #9: One of my favorite things in the world is seeing people really enjoy and appreciate things I've cooked or baked. There's not much than feels better than people enjoying and appreciating something I created. It's one of the best feelings.

Fact #10: I'm glad I'm done with this now. ;)

All done!

If you haven't checked it out, my 7th annual Toys for Tots holiday fundraiser is up and running. There are 30 days left to get your donations in! This year, there is a prize giveaway going on for anyone that donates. Just a $5 donation gets you in and there are just over 30 prizes up for grabs. Check out the list of prizes and and all the details right here. Feel free to share the fundraiser link over social media, too. I've had people ask if I mind them doing that and I most definitely do not mind at all! The more the merrier! ;)

Also I'm supposed to tag people for the 10 Facts but I'll spare everyone that. If you do end up doing it, let me know so I can come learn some things about you, too!